Viral post slams journalists who portray slain drug suspects as heroes; finds it alarming

A post slamming media practitioners for romanticizing slain drug suspects instead of ostracizing them is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, journalist Ira Panganiban minced no words in condemning his fellow media practitioners who portray slain drug suspects as heroes and ignore those who decided to return to the fold of law for s fresh start.

However, he clarified that he condemns the killings as much as the next bleeding heart does and finds it disturbing.

Please check out the full text of his post below.

More than 60,000 drug pushers and addicts surrender to the police. Nothing happens to them!!!!

They are all safe and some are on the way to rehabilitation and maybe if the program is right, become try productive members of society.

Now, about 200 suspected pushers and addicts fight back and are killed in the process. It is not even half a percent of those doing positive action and detractors scream conspiracy and foul play.

Of course, a certain number will choose to fight back and refuse to surrender. It is but expected.
I condemn these killings as much as the next bleeding heart does. It is disturbing.

But what disturbs me more is that these lawless elements choose to fight instead of imitating their peers who choose to return to the fold of the law.

But what is even more disturbing is that media, instead of highlighting the good of those who choose to return to proper life while condemning the killings, choose to turn the suspects into heroes.

And when the people believe them and turn back to a life of crime because it is romanticized by media, this same media cry out again!!!

Can we in media redefine our roles again? Because methinks this preponderance to just shout foul at everything without thinking of the consequences or have a definite goal in mind is turning out profession into a laughing stock of sorts.

So much so that now, everyone thinks they can become online journalists because there is no dividing line anymore. The way these pseudo journalists write is really no different from the way mainstream media present their news today.

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Source: Ira Panganiban

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