Viral post tells critics to stop nitpicking Duterte; open their eyes & see the flaws of their bets

A post telling critics to scrutinize their presidential bets and see their flaws, not just Duterte’s is doing the rounds online.

Mayor Rody Duterte

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In a Facebook post shared more than 200 times and counting as of Wednesday afternoon, netizen Nikki Cano Salud reprimanded the supporters of Roxas, Poe, Binay et al by telling them to open their eyes and examine the flaws of their presidential bets before resorting to name-calling and mudslinging directed at Mayor Duterte.

In the post, netizen Nikki Cano Salud made the confession that he has not been blind to the flaws of Duterte like the coarseness of his language and indecent demeanor but in the end, he chooses him because Duterte’s platform of governance appeals to him like solving criminality, stopping corruption and maintaining peace and order.

Meanwhile, Mr. Salud wrote that a candidate who speaks of GDP and other economic jargon and in tune with global economics and policies does not connect with ordinary mortals like him who are more concern of going home to their families safely and free from the horrors of traffic that rob them of their dignity.

Please READ the FULL TEXT below:

Please don’t think for one second that we are blind to Duterte’s crass, tasteless and “indecent” demeanor. Do not think that we have lowered our standards for choosing our candidate. Do not try to convince us that we are wrong.

But please. OPEN YOUR EYES too.

If you can’t feel the agony of your fellow men toiling daily yet being shorthanded by inefficient transportation services, or a doctor not getting paid on time by Philhealth for services rendered, or typhoon victims who still remain homeless despite three years of “gov’t support,” you are blind.

A lot of you see that solving crime, corruption and maintaining peace and order as a platform is shallow. We don’t.

You want a candidate who speaks of GDP and other economic jargon. One who sees the bigger picture. One who’s in tune with Global economics and policies.

You forget that we don’t exist in that picture. You and I are the fine print. How can one address global policies when one can’t address domestic injustices?

Before presenting the Philippines to the world, why not fix the Philippines and the state of its people first?

You tell us that a platform based on Peace and order is shallow. We think not.

The daily injustices that we experience should already be considered a crime. While being robbed of money may be scarier, being robbed of time, self-respect, and dignity by going through the daily struggle of getting to work and coming home is inhumane.

If one can rob us of these intangible yet priceless things, think of what else he could take?

“Traffic is a sign of progress”

Our rising economic standing that you claim is a product of their hard work is commendable. But while the economy rises, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class get milked more.

Yes you get to buy your new car. Yes, you get to purchase that dream home. But look outside.

Do the tall buildings actually cover the filth of disarray and lack of discipline among us? Is your brand new car so heavily-tinted that you fail to see the chaos around you? Is your new home that you loaned because of the good credit rating your candidate sings about, windowless that you can’t see the mess outside? Are the walls of your gated community so high that you only see the paradise inside while many rape the very country you live in?

You, with the economic capability to travel the world for leisure should be able to see that what lacks to make the Philippines great once more, on top of this economic growth, is order.

Are you that blind not to see that we need someone who will straighten us out like they should’ve years ago?

What you are asking us to do is accept the status quo. You want us to accept our sorry state now. You want us to live in this bubble that makes you sleep better in your brand new bed.

We won’t. We refuse to.

Because we want change and ‪#‎ChangeISComing‬.

That said, I respect your choice. I read your posts. I leave them be. But please, respect mine too. We can see our candidate’s flaws, you should see yours.

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