Viral post tells millennials: ‘communism’s dead, future lies in democracy & Duterte’

As the CPP-NPA intensifies its recruitment in school campuses all over the country, a timely letter telling millennials ‘communism is dead and future lies in democracy and Duterte’ circulates online.

Facebook netizen Ed Alunan has taken to Facebook to warn millennials not to fall to the allure of communist ideology which he called a dead ideology by now.

Apparently alarmed by the news that the CPP-NPA has intensified the recruitment of new members in school campuses, particularly in Metro Manila, Alunan said that like them, he went through a similar period in the 70’s and many who joined the NPA regretted later.

Alunan added that the ‘future lies with the duly constituted government and Duterte whom he said have performed better, made sacrifices befitting a hero.’

Please read the full text below.

To our dear millennials being recruited by the CPP/NPA. I went through a similar period in the 70’s. Please listen. Many who joined the movement regretted doing so. Communism is a dead ideology and its leaders have nothing but poison to offer. They are self-serving, living comfortably in foreign soil no longer in touch with the hopes and dreams of the Filipino people. Our future lies with the duly constituted government. No other President has performed better, made sacrifices befitting a hero than our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. What has Sison done except to create trouble, spread hate, lies and death? That is the wrong way to go. Do not fall for it. Sison lives in the past and will surely try to revive a murderous Maoist/Pol Pot type of regime which will, of course, never succeed in our country. He is not your role model. Don’t make that happen. Don’t do it. Take this from my generation to yours.

As of this writing, Alunan’s post has gathered 2,809 shares and more than 2,200 reactions on Facebook.

If the comments below are any indication, it appears that many netizens share his sentiment.

Margie Genobisa Basan I was so close in my generation, too. I went to the streets shouting. Thanks God I changed direction☺️

Galerie Xtian Ed, you said it right! They should think really hard for the future and not fall to the false promises of ideologies that will never them good and put our country and our people to its destruction. We have gone through the past presidents and leaders who have pushed the country further down. You’re right, no president has done so much good for the country and people other than President Rodrigo Duterte. He has made so much sacrifices and a lot of improvements that some people do not understand or have any appreciation for. Communism and other propaganda by these people will never succeed.

Henri David During the dekada 70, to be an activists is a thing to be proud of, much more to be a revolutionary; but at the this point in time, it’s a shame!

Maria Juana Ibo Comedido been there as well when i was in uni. kawawa mga estudyante and the farmer rebels at the forefront sa struggle. kailangan kasi issue based. yun pala, those same issues ang pinepresenta sa intl communist symapthizers lalo na western europe, norway, canada, switzerland & communist party of japan para sa funding. lahat ng pera go straight to joma’s bank account & we’re talking about millions of $. parang networking na those at the bottom feeds those at the higher level. i understand that we fight against oppression & inequalities but joma’s group, nakakasakit sa bangs.

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