Viral: Post warns the public of the “Smart Boost Cable” scam

A post warning netizens to stay away from scammers selling Smart Boost Cable with WiFi is making the rounds online.

scammers sellling Smart Boost Cable

Alleged suspect involved in the scam

In a Facebook post shared more than 75,902 times, the netizen named Mark Jaison New Bustarde described the modus of the scammers.

“There are 5 or 6 people in the group selling a bogus product. The group give potenial clients two options. The client can either get the Smart Boost Cable via installment basis for P4,500 pesos or in cash basis for P3,500 pesos,” the post said.

In addition to the internet service, the client will enjoy 40 Cable TV channels (local & international) for the price of P4, 500.00 pesos and 3mbps internet speed in his lifetime. Whereas, cash paying customers will enjoy 120 Cable TV channels (local & international) and 5mbps internet speed for two years.

scammers sellling Smart Boost Cable

The scammers employ the “sense of urgency tactics” by claiming the offer was good only for that day.

And, claim they are after the points that they can exchange for groceries.

To make the offer even more enticing, the scammers will offer free pocket Wifi for the cash paying customer. If this isn’t enough, the scammers promise to take P500.00 pesos off if he can refer them to any senior citizen.

In the event the client wishes to avail the Smart Boost Cable in cash but unfortunately, he is short on cash, the scammers will take your money, leave the device you just purchased and promise to come back the next day to complete the installaton.

scammers sellling Smart Boost Cable

The netizen warned, the scammers will not come back and leave their customers hanging in the air. In the end, the clients are left with nothing but a useless modem and a piece of paper that serves as the receipt.

“The scammers have victimized a lot of people in Silang, North Caloocan area late last year,” said the post.

Before ending his post, the netizen urged the general public to alert the police in case the same people happen to visit their place.

You know what to do when you encounter post like this, right?

Source: Mark Jaison New Bustarde

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