“Wag padala sa propaganda, MAG-ANALISA.” — Netizens appeal to the public in the wake of Tarlac sh00ting incident

“Wag padala sa propaganda, MAG-ANALISA.”

This is the emphatic appeal of a certain netizen named Sarah Lou Ysmael Arriola to the public not to get carried away by the comments and tweets of critics who hijacked the Tarlac sh**ting incident involving an off-duty cop to push their own agenda.

The #StopTheKillings & #EndPoliceBrutality has trended on Twitter as wokes and Duterte critics ride on the issue, obviously to score a political statement against the PNP in general and the Duterte admin in particular.

The likes of Teddy Casino, Renato Reyes et. al have spearheaded the Twitter campaign to put the offensive of the PNP, AFP and Duterte government against the CPP-NPA-NDF and Makabayan Bloc in the back pedal.

Moving forward, Arriola mentioned that the bl00dy confrontation stemmed over a right of way issue. It seemed to me that Arriola was particularly reacting to the call of some netizens calling for defunding the police. Hmmm. Sounds familiar eh. Arriola hoped that people will realize that the police officer was acting in his private capacity, hence calling for defunding of the PNP is unwarranted. Arriola agreed that the police must pay for the crime but to punish the entire police force for the crime of one is a product of distorted logic. Arriola ended the FB post by taking a swipe at the critics who is obviously lacking originality. You may read the original post below

I saw the video of an identified police officer wearing civilian clothes who shot in cold blood two of his neighbors. GMA News says they were fighting over the right of way.

I also read the flawed arguments of defunding the police.

I hope people realize that the police officer was acting in his private capacity in this aspect. Away kapitbahay yan. Right of way dispute. The whole thing was done in his private capacity. No police operations was involved. The kind of crime that an irresponsible gun owner can commit.

The police officer needs to pay for his cold blooded murder but to blame this isolated private incident on the police force is a product of skewed reasoning.

And stop copying the slogan used in the Black Lives Matter campaign. Those were acts done in the line of duty; in police operations. This is a private act. Please, logic naman.



Source: Mocha Uson Blog

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