Warning OFW’s: Another potential modus in the NAIA that could rival ‘tanim-bala’

Another potential modus in the NAIA

One of our greatest fears is losing our job. Why? We don’t want to see our family suffer as repercussions for not having a job.

If you are an overseas Filipino worker, missing your flight back to the country where you work could mean losing your job. But this is not the case all the time. However, it is a possibility.

The ‘tanim-bala’ incidents in the NAIA Terminals has died down after the airport management decided to implement a news blackout on November 11, 2015.

When the ‘tanim-bala’ extortion scandal was all over the social media and on prime TV, many overseas Filipino workers and even balikbayans were scared to go home for fear of being the next victim of the ‘tanim-bala’ modus.

As a result of the noise created in the social media and in the mainstream media, a series of investigations in the Senate and in Congress followed.

For now, it appears the scammers in the airport are lying low. The question is, how long will a ‘scandal-free’ NAIA last? Time will only tell.

But before any OFW should relax and lower their guard, here’s an additional burden that should worry many OFW’s or travelers shared by a fellow OFW recently.

In a post on Facebook on November 13, 2015 by a netizen that goes by the handle Rocky EJ, he wrote this:

Sa mga OFW na uuwi ng pinas. Kung pag pasok nyo ng pinas at sinabi ng immigration na may kapangalan kayong nasa watch list or may kaso. Bibigyan kayo nyan nasa photo. Kumuha muna kayo ng NBI bago pumunta sa immigration. Asikasuhin nyo agad at baka di kayo makalabas or agahan nyo ang punta nyo sa airport kung kayoy paalis na. Baka e hold pa kayo. Kc pag punta nyo ng immigration sa intramuros at kumuha ng ” Certificate of not the same person” maaring pakunin kayo ng nbi clearance as requirents. Napakahaba po ng pila sa NBI sa dami ng tao. Ang Affidavit of denial po ay makukuha sa likod ng BDO na tabi ng bureu of Immigration. My cents and learnig sa pag uwi ko ngayon.


To returning OFW’s to the Philippines: If upon entry to Philippine soil or in other cases flying out of the country, the Immigration will tell you that you bear the same name of a person on BI’s watch list or wanted list, the BI will give you a piece of paper which you can see in the photo below.

Certificate of not the same person

Certificate of not the same person

If you are leaving the country for work, business or pleasure purposes, you are already warned! Take care of this as soon as possible. The BI may prevent you from leaving the country.

First, get an NBI clearance before proceeding to the Bureau of Immigration Office in Intramuros to get the ‘Certificate of Not The Same Person’ because the BI may require it. To be on the safe side, please get an NBI clearance. You also need an ‘Affidavit of Denial’ which you can get at the back of BDO Bldg which is located next to the BI Building.

Once you accomplish this, you may now travel out of the country, perhaps safe from a potential source of extortion modus by a few rotten eggs in our NAIA Terminals.

Netizens Reaction

Romeo Yang wrote:

Ano yan iba nman modus nila na pagkakaperahan talaga nman? Translation: Is this a new modus to make money?

Alicia Romero replied:

Oo nga bagong modus,.nagsawa nb s bala? Translation: Yes, seems like a new modus. Are they tired of bullet? (referring to ‘tanim-bala’ modus)

Alwann Omar wrote:

Sari saring money planning yan ng utak ng mga nakaupo sa NAIA airport. Translation: Just another money making scheme of the brain NAIA employees.

What do you think about this? Is this another scam in the making in the NAIA?

Credits to: Rocky EJ

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