Watch: 24 Oras reporter Jun Veneracion nervous reaction to young rooster’s cackling provides comic relief to war-weary netizens

If you think the job of a news reporter is a glamorous, wait until you see this viral video starring a GMA News reporter reporting live from Marawi.

While the civilians run away to safety in time of armed conflict, field reporters run towards the conflict zone to give the public news update of the incident.

In the video,Jun Veneracion (not Jiggy Manicad as earlier posted) appears to be giving an update to Mariz Umali what the GMA News team are doing to avoid getting caught in the cross fire when suddenly, a cockerel behind Jun made a cackling sound, startling the reporter in front of national TV.

The comical scene came at a perfect time to give the public a chance to laugh when it has seen nothing but disturbing images and videos from the war zones of Marawi City.

The video has gathered 329,000 views, 9,923 shares and 4,079 comments as of this writing.

Generally, the social media welcome the comic relief at the expense of the obviously scared GMA reporter.

Let us read how the social media reacts below.

Ian CasaƱas remarked: “Di biro trabaho ng mga yan. Saludo pa rin ako.”

HaZhel Pagz wrote: “Manok pa lang yan natakot na, paano pa pag bakbakan na?”

Jen Little commented: “Pati manok dina siniseryoso ang media lol.😂 😂”

Maria Cherry said: “Nkktrauma na ang ngyyri . sna matapos na”

Joeharie Gulam wrote: “Paulit ulit ko pinapanood tol sa huli lagi ako natatawa😅😂😅😂”

RS Hajar chided netizens making fun of the GMA News reporter and wrote: “Akala ko kung anu na napatawa at nalungkot toloy Ako dahil nd bero Ang kinakatayuan nya alam ng laht kung gaano ka takot kapag nakakarinig ng potokan at kung alam mo na bka mahologan ka ng Bomba sa gilid”

Le Chicken 😮

Posted by Jacku Beniga on Sunday, May 28, 2017

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