Watch: Actual CCTV footage of the Davao City bombing going viral on Facebook!

The video of the alleged bombing that killed scores of people in Davao City is doing the rounds online.

Facebook user Les Berg shared the video of the Davao City bombing on his timeline capturing the instance the bomb exploded.

In the video, a sizable crowd can be seen across the street where the CCTV that caught the bomb explosion on real-time.

After the bomb went off, chaos followed while workers from a nearby establishment can be seen embracing one another in total shock of what they just witnessed.

But some people stayed for a few minutes to investigate what just happened.

The video was posted an hour ago and has since generated more than 200,000 views and counting while netizens shared it more than 24, 000 times on Facebook.

By taking a cursory look at the comments, netizens could only manage tag their friends but could not say a word as if they are in total shock of what they just saw.

the actual video of the recent bombing at Roxas St. that resulted in the death & injury of innocent DavaoeƱos. #anactofcowardice

Posted by Les Berg on Sunday, September 4, 2016

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