Watch: Hit-and-run victim thrown in the air after wayward Hyundai sedan ran amok in Quezon

CCTV footage of a tragic accident in Lucban is going viral wherein a woman was thrown in the air upon impact with rampaging Hyundai sedan.

Based on the CCTV footage, right from the get-go of the 62-second video, a figure in the shape of a woman can be seen flying in the air, just above the speeding like she was projectile before crashing down into the roof of the makeshift stall of a sidewalk vendor.

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The wayward car missed the vendor who was standing in the sidewalk by a hairline.

Shortly, many people went out of their houses to check what was the commotion all about.

Then, the cops appeared in the screen running after the rampaging Hyundai car.

According to the Inquirer report, at least 16 persons were injured after a white Hyundai sedan plowed into a group of pedestrians walking along a road in Lucban town in Quezon province on Saturday, February 4, 2017..

The driver, Roger Peñaflor claimed that Hyundai sedan suddenly malfunctioned and accelerated as he was leaving the parking area in the church compound in Barangay (village) 10 at around 2:20 p.m.

Police said the malfunctioning car plowed into the victims walking along San Luis St and hitting several parked vehicles causing undetermined damage.

Peñaflor claimed that he applied foot and hand brakes but still failed to regain control of the vehicle due to rapid acceleration.

The victims were brought to a local hospital in Lucban for treatment while those who sustained fatal injuries were transferred to Lucena City with better facilities.

Penaflor is detained at the Lucban police jail pending investigation.

Meanwhile, a screengrab of the convo between two women, one appeared to be the owner of the Hyundai sedan, shows that the car had problems with computer box. Whether this is true or not, that remains to be seen.



Social media people condemned the driver for overspeeding in a narrow street. While some commented that they could not even muster the courage to click the play button.

The video has been gathered 587,000 views, 2,695 shares and 3,836 reactions and 2,874 comments and counting.


Click here to watch the CCTV footage. Warning: Distressing video!

Click here to watch the CCTV footage. Warning: Distressing video!


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