Watch how Americans react when they see AlDub for the 1st time

The AlDub phenomenon has indeed transcended into the global stage. This is evident by the number of foreigners who demonstrated their love for the Kalyeserye couple by posting their videos or pic doing the famous ‘pabebe wave!’

Check out the video the five young Americans doing the ‘Pabebe Wave!’

We already know that the Kalyeserye is big among Filipino-Americans in the US mainland. But is it possible that the typical Americans will also get bitten by the AlDUb fever? Very likely!

In a video blog posted by two friends in Buzzfeed, they did a short experiment by showing the video of Yaya Dub and Alden to average Americans and their reactions are all unanimous.

Watch the video below how the Americans react when they see AlDub for the 1st time.

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