Watch: Poor Trillanes, OFW’s in South Korea boos and jeers at the senator while standing in line to get a taxi ride!

Sen. Antonio Trillanes was recently spotted joining a long beeline along with other passengers, mostly overseas Filipino workers waiting to get a taxi ride in South Korea.

Overseas Filipino Worker named Christopher de Jesus went Facebook Live to show to the Filipinos back home and in other parts of the globe why Trillanes is the most hated senator in the country.

In the video, de Jesus remarked that if he was Trillanes, he would simply walk away after his fellow Filipinos ignored him as if he was non-existent.

At one point in the short video, de Jesus can be heard shouting these unflattering words towards the direction of Trillanes, “Trilliling, uwi na!”

If you listened closely, other Filipinos laughed with de Jesus as he shouted those words to Trillanes, signifying approval of the OFW’s behavior.

De Jesus noted that Filipinos ignored Trillanes by not approaching the senator or simply walking passed by him.

As of this wiring, the video has garnered 313,000 562 views, 8,533 shares and 14,448 reactions on Facebook.

In the comment section of his post, de Jesus comments that if Trillanes was a respected politician, he remarked that Trillanes would have been given the courtesy to get a ride ahead of other passengers: “Kung respetadong politician lalo at Senador nakakasiguro akong pauunahin siang pasakayin at di papipilahin!
E kung katulad mo trililing!utot mo pumila ka!!!!!”

Joey Dizon-Fiedacan remarks that Trillanes should be sent home. Pauwiin na yan! Sasabihin niya di nagtatrabaho si Presidente pero siya pasyal sa US then pasyal Nami … eh di wow!”

Sen Trillanes uwi na!
Yan ang sigAw ko sa kanya sa pila sa sakayan ng taxi.
The most hated Philippine senator in our history!

Posted by Christopher de Jesus on Saturday, October 28, 2017

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