Watch: Salisi Gang members snatched the bag in 30 seconds; arrested in 48 hours with the help of CCTV

In a video posted by Superbalita Cebu recently, Salisi Gang members were caught on CCTV making a short work of an unattended bag on October 17, 2015 in the lobby of Castle Peak Hotel in Cebu City.

The Salisi Gang members were identified as Jennelyn Igot, Jenelyn Abarri, Christine Igot and Glenn Hussain Lumapas.

Take note of the girls in black blouse; She is Jennelyn Igot, the designated hitter of the gang while the three other members acted as the team providing distraction and cover to the designated hitter.

The thieves finished the job in 30 seconds or less and walked away unnoticed. Fortunately, their identities were known and the Cebu police did a follow up operation and arrested the four thieves.

The camera bag according to the owner, Jum Kenneth Alcover was recovered.

You may watch the video below now.


SALISI GANG namiktima sulod sa usa ka hotel sa Cebu City. Nakuha sa CCTV camera. Abtik kaayo si Jennelyn Ygot nakakuha sa bag samtang iyang kaubanan nga sila si Jenelyn Abarri,Christine Igot ug Glenn Hussain Lumapas ang nisalipod sa tag-iya sa bag. (Alan Tangcawan)

Posted by Superbalita Cebu on Monday, October 19, 2015

The lesson learned? Don’t leave your things unattended in public places. Remember, that public places like hotel lobbies, restaurants etc are the favorite playing grounds of these people.

Please SHARE your tips on how to avoid being victimized by the modus of the Salisi gang members. Thank you.


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