Watch what happens when a brave reporter exposed Teddy Casino as bearer of NPA propaganda!

During one of the episodes of a GMA7 TV talk show hosted by Oca Orbos and Winnie Monsod, Teddy Casino of Bayan Muna and General Romeo Maganto had a heated debate over the topic of vigil@nte k!lling.

The video began with Gen. Maganto speaking. He told Casino in a straight face that during his presentation, he was already lying.

Gen. Maganto said told Casino that the photo he showed by previously was NPA’s doing.

Maganto said someone just asked a photographer to take the photo.

Casino tried to interrupt Gen. Maganto by waving another photo in front of live TV audience back then but the General could not be easily bamboozled by Casino’s bag of tricks.

Gen. Maganto told Casino that he will be giving him an assurance.

Casino butted in again, waved a news clipping from circa 1987 in front of Gen. Maganto and the live TV audience.

Casino said the photo he was holding in front of TV was an example of a vigilante k!lling.

Casino argued that the incident was reported widely by the media and even picked up by Amnesty International, therefore Casino concluded he was correct.

Casino talked about the Italian priest killed by Manero, the leader of the vigilante group notorious in Mindanao in the 1980s, if I was not mistaken.

To Teddy Casino’s shocked, someone from the audience spoke to support the statement of Gen. Maganto.

Turned out, that someone from the audience was a witness to the story Casino was trying to sell.

The witness was identified as Chito Herbolingo, a reporter.

Chito Herbolingo:

Bigyan natin ng linaw ang isang propaganda ng CPP NPA na dala-dala ngayon sa harap ni Teddy Casino.

Yan ang tao na yan ay nakitang kung patay wala ng ulo. Kinunan ng letrato ng isang photographer at pinahawakan ng isang magsasaka ng niyugan ng Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur. That was in 1987.

So ang nangyayari niyan, nung lumabas sa dyaryo kinabukasan, national pa yan. Nagreact kami kasi I was in broadcast media before, isa ako sa nagrereport diyan, kung bakit naging myembro ng vigilante ang magsasaka na yan. So naintindihan namin yan na propaganda ng CPP NPA.

Ang masaklap diyan, ang dala-dala ni Teddy Casino ay propaganda ng NPA.

The audience erupted in rousing applause to Chito Herbolingo’s testimony and Casino was caught in camera smiling sheepishly.

The next time the camera caught Teddy Casino, he was obviously embarrassed after he was told that he was peddling NPA propaganda.

You may watch the video below now.

The truth Teddy. The truth Teddy. The truth Teddy.

Posted by Jay Sonza on Thursday, November 26, 2020


Source: Kamatouran

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