Water crisis today, brownouts tomorrow? Opposition mole claims water crisis engineered to make Duterte, admin bets lose in midterm election?

The Philippine brand of politics is definitely one of the dirtiest in the world.

Filipino politicians (use proxies of course and in some cases don’t) throw mud at each other, hoping it sticks and whoever looks cleaner on election day earn the voters nod.

Imagine this!

A yellow blogger and Manila Bulletin columnist named Tonyo Cruz believes that the water shortage is an artificial one aimed at conditioning the minds of affected Metro Manila residents to support the controversial Kaliwa Dam project.

According to Tonyo Cruz, the MWSS Board under Duterte approved in 2017 the P18.724-B New Centennial Water Source-Kaliwa Dam Project (NCWS-KDP) as new water source for Metro Manila.

And here’s the shocking part, Tonyo Cruz remarked that the project is funded by a Chinese loan.

Meanwhile, a former Ramos administration appointee and now a staunch Duterte supporter named Jose Alejandrino, claimed that the water crisis was artificially created by the opposition camp to make Duterte look bad in the eyes of the public, thus making the public vote for the OtsoDiretso senatorial bets to punish Duterte.

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by Jose Alejandrino

I received an interesting phone call this afternoon from someone who has a mole inside the Opposition. It was a short conversation. He said one thing which made my ears perk.

He said, “This water crisis was deliberately engineered before the elections as political and economic sabotage to place the blame on Duterte and impact negatively on his senatorial candidates. Watch. The next step will be brownouts.”

What he said made me ask questions.

Why was there no prior warning of water cutoffs by Manila Water which is run by the Ayalas and known to be supporters of Aquino and the liberals? Why did it suddenly emerge from the blue? I wonder whether the Ayalas are really that stupid?

A water crisis – if indeed it exists – does not happen overnight. Was it engineered to give the Otso Diretso an opportunity to blame Duterte? Is the water crisis real or fake? If fake, is Maynilad and MVP a party to the conspiracy? MVP is known to dislike Duterte and may be supporting quietly the Opposition.

If my caller is correct, then it is time to read the riot act to the Ayalas and MVP.

Mayor, prepare to use the sledgehammer. If brownouts follow, militarize both water and electricity. Revoke their concessions and let the military run those companies by nationalizing them. We cannot allow the Opposition to create more hardships for our people and unfairly blame you. Already Grace Poe created difficulties by not cooperating in solving the traffic problem in MM. The public has enough of this nonsense.

Netizen AC Lobarg remarked this reminded him of what they did to Estrada.

If this true, this reminded me of what they did during Estrada’s time. They manipulated the stock market and the exchange rates. Then comes the AFP Chief of Staff and PNP chief going to the other side. Fortunately we have social media to check the actual events. 👊👊👊

Netizen Pancho Catindig echoed Alejandrino’s sentiment. Isn’t it obvious?? Don’t need a mole, anybody can figure out that the assholes from the cult are the ones manipulating the so called water crisis. Just like the gas price hike the rice shortage the inflation and whatever else they could think of to make prrd and his govt. look incompetent.

What do you think?

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