“When the actions of the opposition is already aiding and abetting the enemy, that is treason!” –Atty. Rivera

A post urging the netizens to reflect whether the actions of senators investigating EJK’s is treasonous or not is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Bruce Rivera argues that the de Lima-led senate investigation on extra-judicial killings is walking on a thin line between a fiscalizer and a government destabilizer.

Atty. Rivera open the post by asking the Senators to fill him in as to where the senate investigation is going.

He likens the de Lima-led senate investigation on EJK to the Salem witch hunt that persecuted and hanged individuals suspected of practicing witchcraft in the early American period.

“The Senate has become a pulpit for persecution under the guise of aiding legislation,” he says.

Friendship ends where his loyalty to the country begins…

In case you don’t know, Atty. Rivera is a friend of Senator de Lima and at the same time, a solid Duterte supporter through and through.

“But when the investigation builds a case for impeaching a newly-installed and widely popular President, this I cannot stomach even with a friend at the helm of the investigation,” he says!

He says that “there is a point where being the opposition and fiscalizer crosses the line towards something akin to treason. When the actions of the opposition is already aiding and abetting the enemy, that is treason or something like it.”

Atty. Rivera feels bothered by the thought that the Senate is focusing its vast resources in the senate investigation with a clear political purpose, that is, to UNSEAT a President.

I am not sponsoring extra-judicial killings or sanctioning its use. In fact, there is NO debate that it is illegal. What bothers me is that our Senate is focusing its vast resources to investigate this with a clear political purpose, that is, to unseat a President. Whether the Senate is wittingly or unwittingly being used by the the drug syndicates vexed by President Duterte’s brazen campaign to rid the Philippines of the drug scourge is not even the issue.

Atty. Rivera fears that the early gains of the anti-drug war campaign waged by the Duterte administration could be lost by the selfish acts of some senators who are wittingly or unwittingly being used by the drug lords.

The issue is very simple. We are fighting a war killing Filipinos not by the hundreds but by the thousands. Robbing Filipino children of their future. Taking away fathers, mothers and friends to lay ruined in addiction. Yes, some people died and it may be the work of people in authority. But do you really have to make it your biggest thing at this point when we are actually making headway in the fight against drugs.

Tells Senators and civil society to let the government do its thing in stomping out the drug lords and file a case against them when they step out of bounds of the law in the course of police operation against the bad guys.

Laws are in place. If they are violated, let the DOJ file charges. If there are improvements that need to be legislated, then legislate.

Before ending his post, Atty. Rivera asks the senators where their loyalty lies.

However, if the purpose of the investigations are designed to stymied the efforts of the President, paint an awful picture in the international community or grab power from a very popular leader, then let me ask this question: ARE YOU REALLY WORKING FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE FILIPINOS?

Do you believe that Senators de Lima, Trillanes et. al are guilty of treason?

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera



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