Who’s at fault? The traffic enforcer or the motorist? Watch the video now!

Traffic Enforcer accepting bribe money from motorist.

Traffic Enforcer accepting money from motorist.

In the Philippines, traffic enforcer caught on cam extorting money from the motorist as a result of a traffic violation is a very hot issue and netizens are quick to condemn the guilty party.

On one hand, if the tables are turned around and the motorist is caught on cam trying to bribe the traffic enforcer, but the latter successfully resisted the bribe, expect the netizens to come down hard on the driver.

Let us a try a different scenario with elements the above examples above. Such is the case of the video shared by a netizen.

The motorist successfully pleaded for the traffic violation after a lengthy conversation, the traffic enforcer was kind enough to let go of the erring motorist. However, towards the end of the video, the motorist gave the traffic enforcer money as a way of saying thanks for letting him go without confiscating the driver’s license. My question now, “Is the traffic enforcer guilty of something?” How about the motorist?

I took a screen shot of the policy of MMDA against receiving money. I hope this will answer our question.

Bribe money

Meanwhile, I found an interesting Presidential decree that gives immunity to the person giving the bribe to a public servant. I am not sure if this will answer the question whether or not the motorist has culpability for bribing a public servant.

I am referring to Presidential Decree No. 749 Granting Immunity From Prosecution to Givers of Bribes and Other Gifts and To Their Accomplices in Bribery And Other Graft Cases Against Public Officers.

Huli sa CellPhone Cam na nangungutong si kuya..Kutong pa more! Video credit from @ teodoro Alfonzo

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