Why are search warrants served before dawn? Drilon’s reaction to the bloody raid leaves the senator bloodied on social media

While netizens are in jubilant mood after a big time drug lord in Ozamiz was killed, an LP senator played his spoiler’s role to the hilt.

In response to the bloody encounter in Ozamiz, Sen. Franklin Drilon’s asked this question?

Why are search warrants served before dawn?

Drilon’s statement elicited different reactions on social media, especially from the followers of ‘Thinking Pinoy’.

But first, RJ Nieto aka ‘Thinking Pinoy’ did the honor of ribbing Senator Drilon.

Taray ni Franklin Drilon! Parang passport lang? Book an appointment months in advance?

The netizens took the cue from here, trying to outdo one another in dishing the best comment to ridicule or to slam the senator.

Duwayt Camay Gujar asked: “Why is Drilon more concerned with the serving of search warrants than justice being served to the people of Ozamiz due to death of known Druglords? Punta ka cebu drilon, lelechonin kita putang ina ka.
And one last thing Putang ina ka rin Risa Hontiveros.”

Hearthless Fhuckinn Mhonster remarked: “ang tanga nmn ng logic..smpre pra iwas sa maaring madamay kpg ngka putukan..wlang tao..bugok nmn ng senador na yan..sana i regalo nlng sakn yan pakain q sa buwaya nmn sa bukid”

Lina Lariosa commented: “Bwahaha umpisa ng nagtatalak ang mga LP..xpect the rant of delima soon,cbcp and CHR..wla na ang supplier nla n drug money from the untouchable of ozamiz..Drillon,sa susunod sa balwarte mo n kya xpect it soon…mabuhay ka tatay Digong at espinido and the rest of the team..God bless philippines”

Alb Gonzales can’t help but laugh at Drilon. “Hahahaha meron bang raid na ipagpapaalam muna?

Tao po, mag raid po kami :)”

Ringo Guisang chided the senator. “Bakit Drilon may naka specify ba na oras kung kailan ise-serve yong Warrant…? Tigil ns sa kakaka kain ng Yellow Rice laki na tuloy ng bibig at tiyan mo.”

Meanwhile, the Facebook page VoVph wants to ask Drilon regarding serving of warrants.

Nakasulat ba sa Batas anong oras i serve ang Warrant?

Rule 126, Section 9 of the Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure:
SECTION 9. Time of making search. – The warrant must direct that it be served in the day time, unless the affidavit asserts that the property is on the person or in the place ordered to be searched, in which case a direction may be inserted that it be served at any time of the day or night

Your reaction?

Source: Thinking Pinoy, VoVph

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