Wife of former NAIA employee confirms syndicate behind ‘Tanim Bala’

The wife of the deceased former employee of NAIA revealed a syndicate behind the ‘Tanim Bala’ incidents. This is according to the investigative report written by Raoul Esperas of ABS-CBN News.

The syndicate has enjoyed 20 years of abundance until it was exposed recently.

The syndicate enlists the services of airport security personnel and several spotters to carry out the crime. The money is divided among the syndicate members after the victim decides to pay the extortion money instead of going through the hassle of spending several nights in jail just like what happened to the young American missionary who was victimized by the syndicate in early September 2015.

The job of the spotter is to profile the would be victim. The usual targets are passengers with connecting flights to either local or overseas destination. This can be ascertained by simply looking at the address written in the luggage of the passenger. Why the passengers with connecting flights? Because they are certain, the passenger will pass the security check again.

This makes a lot of sense. Most of the reported victims of the ‘Tanim Bala’ incidents were supposed to be on a connecting flight. The American missionary was supposed to be on a connecting flight to Palawan. The Hong Kong OFW Gloria Ortinez flew in from the Laoag Airport to NAIA before she was supposed to fly to Hong Kong on the day she was arrested for allegedly possessing a carbine bullet in her hand carry bag.

Once the victim is selected, the spotter will do the planting of the bullet without getting caught. Of course, there is an accomplice to distract the passenger, while the other syndicate member will do the planting of the bullet in mere seconds. They are so quick and stealthy. Imagine, they’ve been in the business long enough to perfect their craft.

Business was booming until the scam was exposed by Rhed de Guzman in September

Before the illegal activity of the syndicate was exposed by a balikbayan victim from Los Angeles California, the reliable source of ABS-CBN said that the syndicate would average 20 or more victims a day. Multiply that with their average asking fee of 30 thousand pesos and you can see how the syndicates were raking in profits to their bank accounts with little efforts.

The profits are divided among the syndicate members in such a way that the airport security screener would get 60 percent of the slice of the pie while the remaining share goes to the spotters.

However, the syndicate has been lying low after the ‘Tanim Bala’ issue erupted in the social media and subsequently picked up the major TV networks in the country.

Catching the members of the ‘Tanim Bala’ is very easy!

According to a reliable source of ABS-CBN News, catching the alleged members of the syndicate is so simple. How? A lifestyle check do the trick and will clearly expose who is benefiting from the illegal activity. All of the members of the syndicate are living a lifestyle that their low salary as an airport screener cannot provide them. They drive nice cars, travel overseas, lives in large houses, some employees lives in subdivisions and their kids are enrolled in private schools. Some can even afford to maintain an extra wife.

CAAP’s tips on how to avoid falling prey to the syndicate

  • Don’t allow strangers to your bags.
  • All zippers, pouches, and pockets of their luggage must be closed, locked and sealed.┬áIn the event these are breached, the passenger will easily spot someone is doing something against one’s will.
  • Passengers should never lose sight of their respective luggage and retrieve it immediately after passing through airport security X-ray and walk-thru metal detectors.
  • Passengers should also refrain from accepting any luggage or items from strangers.

Meanwhile, former Police General Acop and now Congressman of the 2nd District of Antipolo is thinking of introducing amendments to Republic Act No. 10591 also known as COMPREHENSIVE LAW ON FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION in Congress. When? We don’t know yet. Hope this is not a lip service because of the election fever.

The video below mentioned that the people involved in the Tanim Bala are members of a syndicate operating in NAIA days before the expose was posted in ABS-CBN News.

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