Women Power: Video of female soldiers seeing action in Marawi against militants goes viral

Since the creation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in 1899, no women has been admitted in the military until in 1963 but in limited capacity. [Wikipedia]

In 1963, women were allowed entry in the military as part of the Women’s Auxiliary Corps but only as reservist and as nurses under the technical services department.

In 1993, the Philippine Military Academy made history by opening its doors to women as female cadets after the passage of Republic Act No. 7192, an act granting women entry to the premiere military school in the country.

But in combat duties?

As early as 2001, the Philippine Marines have allowed its female recruits to do combat duties but to catch them on video while engaging rebels is unheard of until the video from News5 appeared recently.

In the News5 video, female soldiers can be seen firing their M16’s at Maute militants position in Marawi side by side with fellow female soldiers.

In one instance, a female soldier can be seen with a team of soldiers shelling Maute position with mortar rounds.

Netizens couldn’t help but praise our brave female soldiers who are risking their lives to defend democracy while taking a swipe at critics who keeps on complaining or criticizing the government behind the safety of their computers or mobile phones.

Junior Mercado wrote: “Mabuti pa mga babaing sundalo ikakarangal mo si hontivirus at delima ikakahiya mo. Pweeeee ,!!!@”

Doreen Magbanua Coriana remarked: “Ang opposition magaling mgkwenta ng patay na sundalo….while the past is the cause of this all…what an IRONY of a retarded irresponsible LEADERS daw”

June Pineda wrote: “Saludo ako kay ma’m kahit babae sya tumutupad sya saka nyang tungkulin pra lang sa bayan ng marawi sana tularan c ma’m ng kapwa nya sundalo! Saludo po ako syo ma’m mabuhay po kayo!!!”

Arlyn Carna said: “God be with you all heros of the land our prayer is with you. And thank you for selfless duty, sama sinama nyo si hontiviros at binala sa kanyon.”

Aylene Garcia wrote: “Buti pa mga babae di takot lumaban pero si kanin gagawin ang lahat wag lang mapunta sa bakbakan”

Meanwhile, some netizens welcome the female soldiers doing combat duties because they say, Muslim militants are scared getting killed by women for fear they won’t receive the 72 virgins promised in Quran. Whether this is true or not, that we don’t know for sure.

El Cid Granada said: “just remember, the ISIS dont want to be killed by women cause they believe they will go to hell.”

Jean Deviejean remarked: “Sakto yan pag babae nakapatay sa kanila they believe na di nila ma reach ang Janna”

Your thoughts?

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