Wow! Duterte topped latest survey by Pulse Asia; find out why other candidates should start panicking

In the latest survey released by Pulse Asia, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte came out on top among the 2016 Presidential candidates. Though this survey covered only respondents from the National Capital region, analysts say this could be an indicator how the rest of the country will vote.

But here’s the scary part! The survey was conducted before Mayor Rodrigo Duterte finally made the announcement he will throw his hat to the 2016 Presidential derby.

Of the 300 people asked by Pulse Asia, 34 percent of respondents said they will vote for Duterte; 26 percent picked Poe; 22 percent picked VP Binay; 11 percent picked Roxas and 7 percent picked Santiago. The most interesting fact learned from this survey is that Rodrigo Duterte scored high among class ABCD&E.

Duterte topped Pulse Asia survey

Duterte topped Pulse Asia survey

According to Mon Casiple, a renowned political analyst, Duterte’s charisma and image as a tough talking, direct action, firm leader endeared him to the voting public in Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, people in the streets have varied explanations why Duterte topped the latest survey.

One lady says, “The people got excited when Duterte finally announced he is running for the Presidency.”

Another woman says,”Duterte is strict in running the government.”

Another lady says, “It’s like Martial Law again. Because people would like a repeat of Martial Law.”

However, political analyst Mon Casiple said that Duterte should address the human rights issues against him because a large portion of the voting public believes in upholding the rule of law. If Duterte fails to address this properly, he night lose this big portion of voters.

Meanwhile, the ratings of Duterte’s political adversaries are slumping in the NCR because of the different issues hounding them. For example, Grace Poe’s citizenship issue is affecting her ratings; VP Binay is hounded by corruption issue. Roxas on the other hand is not really doing well in the NCR, while doing well in the Visayas region. Casiple further adds that Roxas problem is his elitist image.

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