Young Pinay manager ‘froze to death’ inside a cryotherapy chamber in Nevada

Chelsea Ake Salvacion

Credits to the family of Chelsea Ake Salvacion.

A 24-year-old Fil-Am salon manager ‘froze to death’ inside a cryochamber on the 20th of October which Henderson, Nevada police investigators ruled as ‘operator error.’

Shae-Lynn Bee, the victim’s best friend, traveled all the way from Hawaii to retrieve the body and bring Chelsea Ake Salvacion home in Hawaii where she was born and grew up.

She said it will take time before she come to terms with her loss. ‘She’s everything to me’

The victims uncle, Albert Ake spoke to TFC Balitang America via skype for a short interview. He said he loved her niece dearly and she will be missed!

The victim’s uncle says, ‘She was the last person we would ever thought, something would happen was Chelsea. She was full of life, so happy so positive.’

During the skype interview, the victim’s uncle Albert Ake says, ‘It was painful to identify his nieces body in the coroner’s office.’

Although, the coroner’s office has yet to officially released the cause of death of Chelsea, Albert Ake says’s that the corner told him that his niece died in seconds, and she never suffered a painful death. This is in contrast to what is being reported in the US media that she was in the cryochmaber for ten hours.

As the salon manager, Chelsea was the last person to leave in the cryotherapy clinic to close shop. It was believed she entered the cryochamber on her own since it is a common practice among employees to go for a quick treatment after work or during slow days.

But to question her competence in operating the cryochamber machine is unfair. According to Albert Ake, the victim’s uncle, ‘She was with the salon when it opened and her competence and experience is beyond question.’

Nevada-based Fil-am Cardiologist Joey Aquino explains the body’s natural reaction when exposed to extreme cold temperature and says, ‘I think would only do it for three minutes or less coz a little more than that, hypothermia kicks in. And the first thing that would happen, you are going to panic and your heart rate would increase because the body would like to get you out of that situation. And then after few more minutes, everything will tend to shut down.’

The uncle’s victim, Albert Ake said that he and his family are still waiting for the final pathology report for Chelsea’s autopsy.

‘She loved the salon. She loved what she was doing. Something just went wrong and that we have to find out what because we don’t want any other technician, we don’t want any other clients doing this to get hurt’ says Albert Ake.

Chelsea Ake Salvacion was born to a Mexican-Hawaiian mother and a Filipino father based in Hawaii where she grew up and spent most of her until she moved to Nevada.

In an email sent to TFC Balitang America, the employer Rejuevnice said that everyone in the company is devastated by the accident. And that they are scrutinizing each and every of their internal procedures to ensure that this won’t happen again.

Meanwhile, it was learned that the salon has no CCTV. Basically, the only person that does know what happened is Chelsea.

Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to minus 240 degree Farenheit temperature in a cold chamber.

Patrons of cryotherapy salons such as this includes professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities. It is believed to reduce pain, accelerate tissue healing, strengthen the immune system, detoxifies, provides instant anti-aging effect and even burns 500-800 calories in one therapy session.

You may watch the video below for more details.

What do you think about cryotherapy?

Credits to TFC Balitang America & DailyMailUK.

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