You’ve got to be kidding! –Netizens reaction to Leni’s spokesman saying Duterte’s insecure despite 91% rating

On Facebook, staunch Duterte supporter and blogger Carlo de Leon wrote:

“Leni’s spokesman Barry Gutierrez said, “Why be insecure if you have 91 percent approval rating.”

De Leon can’t help but repeat the word “insecure?!” if it really did come out from the mouth of Leni’s spokesman Barry Gutierrez.

De Leon remarked that Gutierrez must be joking.

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

De Leon remarked that President Duterte’s actions are but insecure so much so that he does not mind if his statements are politically correct or not.

“Duterte is so confident of his presidency he doesn’t even need to make politically correct statements (a trait of a disenteng dilaw).”

De Leon appealed to Barry Gutierrez to stop making wild assumptions.

“For heaven’s sake Barry Gutierrez, he is the president of the Republic of the Philippines. Duterte doesn’t need to prove he is better than Leni. All the Filipinos already know this.”

De Leon called Gutierrez attention, in case he is not aware, how Filipinos view Leni Robredo, even calling the VP “epal” or show-off. De Leon remarked Filipinos have a knack for sensing insincerity.

“In fact, most Filipinos view Leni as inept and desperately trying hard to get the Filipino people’s attention. That’s why she called an “epal.” It’s all for show. The people can sense that kind of insincerity.”

De Leon described to Gutierrez what Filipinos don’t like from their leaders and Leni’s spokesman will be greatly disappointed with what he is going to hear or read.

“Filipinos don’t like leaders who destroy our country’s name among members of the international community, who have no stake in our country’s future. Let the Filipinos be the judge of Leni’s work or the lack of it.”

De Leon reminded the Robredo camp what Leni’s role in the government.

“At the end of the day, Leni is nothing more than a spare tire waiting in the wings, eager to become the next president.”

De Leon ended the FB post with some words of advice to the Vice President.

“Wait for the elections, Leni. The constitution gives you all the right to run for president. Don’t be in a hurry. You might run out of steam when the elections come closer.”


Source: Carlo de Leon

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