2 Lanao councilors, in hot water for touching butt of good looking engineer…but their reaction after it makes their crime more revolting!

Two councilors from Butig Lanao del Sur is in hot water for molesting a good-looking female engineer while visiting the province recently.

According to the pretty engineer, two officials, touched her butt while she was taking pictures.

But what makes the crime more repulsive is that, the two just laughed after touching her butt!

The female engineer reported the incident to Sec. Manny Piñol of the Department of Agriculture and the furious Secretary took to Facebook demanding public apology from the unidentified councilors.

“All of my life, I have always been very forgiving and understanding to a fault, especially if the act was committed without malice.
But I cannot let an insult pass and this incident in Butig, Lanao del Sur is something that I will not allow to be just brushed off and forgotten,” angry Piñol wrote.

On Feb. 9, Pinol flew to Butig, Lanao del Sur as part of his effort to reach out to the poorest areas in the country and provide assistance to the people.

Traveling with him in two Air Force helicopters were Fisheries Undersecretary Eduardo Gongona, Director Carlene Collado, my executive assistant Bong Piñol, two female staff, one of whom an engineer assigned to the Farm to Market Roads Projects, and two security officers.

During the visit, he made commitments to Mayor Dimantang Pansar to deliver interventions worth almost P60-million for the development of Butig, which is claimed by the Maute Group, the Abu Sayyaf and the local ISIS Group as the de facto capital of the Islamic Caliphate in the Philippines.

He said he was excited and ecstatic with all the things that he believed could change the lives of the people of a town in a province where the poverty incidence is 74.3%.

But it appears that the enthusiasm of the good secretary has been dampened by what the female engineer told him about the malicious act of two local officials from the host town. Check out the remaining posts of Pinol below;

“But I was deeply frustrated, pained and insulted when one of the two female staff who joined me in the trip complained when we were back in Manila that two town officials of Butig whose pictures I am posting with this article molested her during the trip.
The staff, a good-looking engineer, said these two officials, whose names I still have to get, touched her butt while she was taking pictures and then laughed.
She said this happened while I was inspecting the damaged school buildings of Butig and I was busy talking to Mayor Pansar.
I cannot let this pass. They not only molested my staff, but they also insulted and disrespected me.

Had I known that right there and then, I would have slapped both of them in front of their Mayor.

Through this post, I am informing Mayor Pansar that all the assistance for Butig that I promised to deliver will be put on hold until after these two ill-mannered municipal councilors apologize to my female staff, to me and to the public for what they did.

I am also calling on Interior and Local Government Secretary Mike Sueno to take administrative sanctions against these two barbarians whose act now places the welfare of the whole town of Butig in jeopardy.”

Your thoughts, please!

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