5 Easy Steps To Protect The Votes of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte From VCM Cheating

A post outlining the steps in ensuring that your vote for Mayor Duterte or any candidate for that matter is protected has been doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 202 times, the page representing former Senator Dick Gordon published 5 helpful steps in making the May 9 election cheater-averse exercise.

In the post, the publisher stresses the importance of copying the Ballot ID number found at the upper right corner of the ballot.

Please READ the FULL TEXT of the post now to understand why copying the “BALLOT ID NUMBER” is very IMPORTANT!

1. Before accomplishing ballot, copy the Ballot ID number found at the upper right corner of the ballot on a piece of paper, or onto your palm.

2. Accomplish ballot by shading completely the oval of the candidates of your choice. Feed your ballot into the VCM scanner, and wait a few seconds for the VCM printer to finish printing your receipt. The BEI will help you cut the receipt from the VCM. Once you feed your ballot into the VCM, and you get your receipt, you cannot get your ballot back. Acceptance by the VCM is final.

3. Step away from the VCM so that the next voter can cast his vote, and walk towards the black box receptacle for the receipt. Read your receipt and if there is any error like a vote for candidate A on the ballot which is reported as a vote for candidate B on the receipt, or a vote for candidate A reported as undervote, or a vote for candidate A reported as overvote, then COPY your Ballot ID from your codigo (on your palm) onto the back of the receipt, sign the back of the receipt, and complain to the BEI, telling her of your objection, which the BEI is required to record in the minutes of the precinct.

With the Ballot ID on the receipt, Comelec can then match your receipt to the correct ballot, and check the validity of your complaint. If the Ballot ID is not written on your receipt, there is no way to match the receipt to the proper ballot, and so your complaint may be ignored by Comelec, or Comelec might charge you with various violations.

4. If your receipt matches your ballot exactly, deposit your receipt into the black box receptacle. you can not take your receipt with you out of the precinct — this is an election offense.

5. Your votes, whether correctly or incorrectly read by the VCM, are included in the count for the precinct.
In Short: TAKE NOTE OF YOUR “BALLOT ID” before ninyo i feed sa VCM machine. Para pag may problema sa resibo, ISULAT ang ballot ID sa resibo at pirmahan. Then inform the BEI.

SOURCE: Wow Gordon Team 2016


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