5 important questions President Duterte wants answered in the re-opening of the Mamasapano massacre

Duterte announced the reopening of the Mamasapano massacre during the dialogue with the kin of the SAF 44. He cites many inconsistencies hence the new probe.

Credit to the Facebook Page “Showbiz Government” for having the patience to listen to the long speech of Duterte and note down the important points raised in the speech.

1. Told Aquino that he left office without addressing issues.
2. Asked why Aquino sent SAF44 to Mamasapano instead of sending the army who are familiar with the terrain
3. Why Aquino and Roxas kept the operations under wraps without informing the military
4. Asked where did the $5 million reward for the capture of Maruan go?
5. Said he was pissed off by Aquino’s demeanor when he learned about the deaths of SAF44
6. Asked why were they taking orders from Purisima who was suspended that time?
7. Said the operation was an american adventure
8. Told Aquino to confess his sins to the nation
9. Why did Aquino reward only 2 medals of valor when all 44 died?
10. Will form an independent commission to investigate SAF44 from the time the operation was hatched by Aquino, and that should include involvement of Americans
11. Duterte said Deles kept Aquino from ordering military help for SAF 44
Last, he said he will assign a day of remembrance for SAF44 and instructed PNP chief Bato on the conferment of medals of valor to all SAF44 heroes, which carries benefits for the families.

The commission is composed of 7 men and women mostly from the justices of the Supreme Court and one or two from the civilian sector, maybe a lawyer.

Duterte said he will not recommend someone from his circle of friends.

“They will be independent in all aspects. They are free to summon and as President, the Executive Department, I will order you to honor the process,” Duterte said.

“We will bestow to the commission the powers exactly given to the Agrava commission. Iyong panahon sa pagkamatay ng Aquino. Let us see,” Duterte said.

Video courtesy of Inquirer

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Source: GMA News

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