5 Reasons Why Rodrigo Duterte Is the Candidate For Voters Tired Of Criminality & Old Politics


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is gaining ground in the latest surveys, but he has yet to make up his mind to run for a higher office. In case he does, there are 5 reasons Why Rodrigo Duterte Is the Candidate For Voters Tired Of Criminality & Old Politics. Let me tell you why!

First, Rodrigo Duterte is a strong advocate for the re-imposition of the Death Penalty.

Rodrigo Duterte wants to re-impose Death Penalty and he has been vocal about this . Duterte believes this is a strong deterrent against crime and lawlessness in the Philippines.

Second, Rodrigo Duterte hates the criminals to his bone.

The tough Mayor has repeatedly stated during media interviews, though in jest that he will make the fishes of Manila Bay very fat. He is hinting that Metro Manila residents should expect a re-energized campaign against the criminality in the Metropolis and in other cities throughout the country. However, Mayor Duterte clarified this by citing an example wherein he would only kill a criminal during a certain situations For example, during a hostage situation and the hostage taker is not thinking rationally, then he will give the go-signal to the SWAT sniper to shoot and take down the suspect.

Third, Rodrigo Duterte is an advocate of Federalism.

Duterte is the leading voice today in adopting the federal style of government. The primary example of such is the United States of America. Presently, the center of political power is the Malacanang Palace. Meaning, the government is run by the elected President and national affairs of the country is controlled by the President. In the Federal form of government, each political unit will run its own affairs independent of the national government. For example, a state can invite economic investors without the approval of the President. I won’t dwell on Federalism on this post.

Fourth, Rodrigo Duterte is a very strict leader and he hates undisciplined people.

In Davao, Mayor Duterte issued a City ordinance banning the selling and drinking of liquor in public places from 1 AM – 8 AM. So expect the ordinances applied in Davao City like the smoking and drinking ban to be adopted nationwide should Rodrigo Duterte wins the 2106 Presidential election.

Fifth, Rodrigo Duterte is tired of the old politics in running the government

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte repeatedly stated in recent interviews that he is a very impatient person when it comes to inefficiency among government bureaucrats. Much more to the bureaucratic ‘red tapes’ plaguing the Customs. During interviews, he kept telling the press that the Customs employees should consider themselves resign the moment he took his oath of office as President. Tough words, but he has been known as a leader who does not flip-flop. He meant what he says and says what he meant especially when it comes to governance.

Therefore, if you are tired of the unabated criminality, the gridlocks in our bureaucracy and the worsening traffic in EDSA and major thoroughfares, Duterte is the logical choice. He has shown in his several years of public service that he is the type of leader that puts premium on discipline, clamps down hard on criminals and abhors corruption. Lastly, he is willing to reinvent the wheel as he sees fit to benefit his constituents.


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