5 Telltale signs Mayor Duterte is running for President

Earlier today October 12 2015, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced he is not running for President during a press conference held in a hotel in Davao City which he personally called.

You may watch the video of the press conference below.

Ayaw ba talagang tumakbo ni Duterte? Marami ang nagme-message sa akin at nagtatanong kung talaga nga bang ayaw nang tumakbo ni Duterte sa pagka-presidente. Ang maisasagot ko sa inyo ay Lunes pa lang ngayon, hanggang sa Biyernes pa ang filing ng certificate of candidacy ng mga gustong tumakbo sa Halalan 2016. Ayon sa aking source, may magaganap sa Oktubre 14-15.Muling nakiusap ang ating source na 'wag banggitin ang kanyang pangalan. Video: Duterte press conference, Oct. 12, 2015Para updated ka sa balita, i-like ang page ni Even Demata https://www.facebook.com/evendematafanpage SHARE

Posted by Even Demata on Monday, October 12, 2015

This news came down hard on Mayor Duterte’s followers especially the netizens who are hoping and praying that this time, the good Mayor will be announcing the good news, in contrast to his previous announcement that he is not running for President.

However, several netizens came up with their own analysis that purportedly shows Mayor Duterte is simply bluffing. In fact, he will be filing his COC on the very last minute they say.

Analysis # 1

The netizen came up with only three signs that he says belies Duterte’s announcement that he is not running for President. However, another netizen noted that the letter of Mayor Duterte was only addressing his friends and fellow Dabawenyos, but not the entire country.

4 signs rody is running

Analysis # 2

Check the image below to follow my drift. I found this post of Gov. Manny Pinol, one of Mayor Duterte’s closest friend and supporter while browsing Facebook and the post says that the Mayor Duterte’s trust rating is 71% in Metro Manila.

If you are a candidate and seriously considering running for a political position and commissioned a survey that shows you are winning the hearts and minds of Metro Manila, I don’t see any point why you are not going to grab this opportunity. Metro Manila has a huge volume of voters and if you are already doing well in your turf, in the case of Duterte, why walk way when victory is within your sight? Remember the result of the last survey that says Duterte is winning in Mindanao which comprises 11 million or so registered voters.

Dutertes trust rating

Analysis # 3

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s camp is also testing the response of his Facebook followers by paying for a sponsored post. A sponsored post is a paid option for the individual that wishes to measure how his audience would respond to his post on Facebook.

Although this is not a huge a development, but this clearly shows that the camp of Mayor Duterte is watching his followers very closely. If are easily discouraged by news such as this, we are like soldiers who will not fight to death but would run away when the heat of the battle is too much to bear. This is not the kind of Army Mayor Duterte would like to lead to battle or wars.

Check the image below showing Mayor Duterte’s camp is spending a small amounts of money to know the pulse of the Facebook users.


Analysis # 4

Mayor Duterte stated during the press conference that his decision hinges on the approval of his daughter and former Mayor of Davao City Sara Duterte.

When a Duterte follower posted something on Facebook addressed to Sara Duterte asking the latter to be unselfish and lend her father to the country since he is needed by the people. Sara could not contain herself and replied with a very direct response to the netizen. Check out the screenshot of the convo below and check it out yourself if indeed this is a telltale sign that another twist in the next few days will unfold.

Sarah Duterte on a netizen

Analysis # 5.

If Sara Duterte is indeed against the plan of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to run for President, why is it that she has been saying in her previous interviews with the press that she would offer herself as the First Lady of her father in case the latter wins the 2016 Presidential Election. Remember that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is separated from Sara’s mother and it seems the second wife of the good Mayor is not willing to stand in as the first lady. So Sara Duterte offering herself as the First Lady could only she is not totally against the idea of his father joining the Presidential race.

Sara 1

Sara Duterte on being the first lady

Photo Credit Sara Duterte

In summary, I do hope that these 5 telltale signs are indeed true and we can see the good Mayor beating the last day of the filing of the COC in the Comelec Office in Intramuros.

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