7 fun facts if Duterte wins the 2016 Presidential derby

If Rodrigo Duterte wins the 2016 Presidential derby, he will be the first among many things. Let us check out together the 7 Fun facts if Duterte wins the 2016 Presidential derby.

7 Fun Facts About Duterte

1. First President from the South

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, if heaven permits, is the first President from the South since 1961 and the first President to come from the Visayas and Mindanao. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte originally hails from Cebu before his family moved to Mindanao seeking greener pasture. In addition, he traces his roots in Maasin Southern Leyte.

The last President from the south was President Garcia of Bohol. Granted that the people of Mindanao and Visayas will unite to vote as one in May 2016, Insha Allah and God willing, the Republic of the Philippines will witness the swearing in of a new President in 2016 from the South.

2. First President that puts premium on discipline since President Marcos.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte governs Davao City like the Marines Drill Sergeant. C’mon it’s no secret that the people of Davao are very well-discipline simply because the Mayor drilled discipline like a Master Sergeant into the system of Dabawenyos since assuming office. It was not a smooth sailing though. People tend to resist change but the good mayor never wavered. Look at him now! He is very respected or shall we say ‘FEARED’ by the law violators because he spares no one from the law. If you are caught violating city ordinance, you have to pay the fine or choose an alternative punishment. It is a stuff of legends that even the Mayor was arrested for violating the no-helmet city ordinance and got a ticket for it.

Davao City is not friendly to smokers and alcoholic drinkers in public. I can cite as many examples as I want, but I might be running out space.

It is interesting to see how the tough Mayor can tame the wild, Wild West known as Metro Manila. I guess everyone will agree with me that it is high time to elect a President known for his tough stance against criminals and I am anticipating the rebirth of the Pasig River and Manila Bay as promised by Mayor Duterte to fatten the fishes in the ocean. Hope the fishermen around Manila Bay will cast their vote on Election Day and write down the name of Mayor Duterte.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte reminds many Filipinos of another President whose tough stance against criminals are stuff of legends. That President ordered the killing of a drug lord Lim Seng by firing squad. Mayor Duterte promised to kill all the convicted prisoners with Death Penalty sentence but put on hold due after a ban was imposed. People are clamoring for the reimposition of Death Penalty and Duterte is the man who will make tht happen again.

3. First lawyer President since President Marcos.

After Marcos, all the Presidents that came later were non-lawyers. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was a long time Prosecutor in Davao. Rest assured that Mayor Duterte knows his law unlike the sitting President now.
Of course, President Duterte will have brilliant legal luminaries at his beck and call to assist the President in matters beyond his expertise.

4. First Socialist President.

Duterte by admission is a socialist not a communist. It’s a different concept. Think of the countries in Europe like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland. Canada and Ireland are another example of a Socialist country.

Mayor Duterte has been doing this in Davao City. He provides groceries to policemen in his City so that they will not resort to ‘kotong’ or illegal activities to feed their families.

He also believes in subsidizing the proposed LRT system in Davao City once it starts operation. This is the classic example of a socialist system just like Canada and Norway.

According to Wikipedia, Socialism is a social and economic system characterised by social ownership and/or social control of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy, as well as a political theory and movement that aims at the establishment of such a system.

5.First ‘taxi driver’ President.

If by Divine providence, Mayor Duterte wins the 2016 Presidential Election, he is the first President that moonlights as a taxi driver by night. But admittedly, the Mayor does this to check out the bad guys in his turf. Interestingly, he drives the lucky passenger for free.

This used to be a secret errand of the Mayor until passenger named Maria Anna Luna Saguilo hailed the taxi driven by Mayor Duterte and was surprised to see that man behind the wheel was none other than Mayor Duterte. This was happened sometime in August 2013 and she snapped a picture of that encounter and posted it on the social media and the rest they is history.

6. First President from Leyte.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is going to be the first President from Leyte, technically speaking, since he was born in Maasin when it was still part of the Leyte province. It was on July 1, 1960 when Southern Leyte became a separate province. Well, Cebu can also claim Mayor Duterte as the first President Cebuano President since President Osmena.

But Davao City, being the city that nurtured and shaped the Mayor as the great man that he is now will have the last say.

But in the end, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the President that every Filipinos can proudly call as their own because his victory in 2016 is the totality of the efforts of all the citizens that

7. First President with Muslim blood

After doing a quick research, I realized now why Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has a soft heart for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Of course he is not known as wise and fair leader for nothing. I learned that Mayor Duterte’s maternal side has a Maranao blood. It’s a few generations removed but he is a Maranao by blood.

He can use his Maranao connection to talk with the Muslim rebel leaders and ask them to lay down their arms. Though this is not a simple matter that can be approached with simple solutions but the mere fact that our Muslim brothers will be talking to someone that understands their aspirations is a major step. Peace talks is much better than shooting it out in the battlefield, correct?

Therefore, Mayor Duterte will be the first President with Muslim blood.


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