91%? Jay Sonza says President Duterte’s rating could have been higher if not for these people

Judging by the tone of the voice of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza, it appears he is unsatisfied with President Duterte’s 91% trust rating as per Pulse Asia’s latest survey.

Sonza believed that President Duterte could have gotten higher than 91%.

Sonza went on to reveal the reasons or what he called in Tagalog “mga pasan na Krus sa balikat ni Pangulong Digong” or the crosses on President Duterte’s broad shoulders that pulled down his trust ratings down or stopped him from going higher in terms of trust ratings.

First and foremost was DOH Secretary Duque whom Sonza blamed for the billions lost to corruption in PhilHealth.

Second was Dulay of BIR whom, once again, Sonza accused of allowing erring big companies to settle their unpaid taxes that runs in billions of pesos by tax amnesty scheme.

Third, DAR or the Department of Agrarian Reform for neglecting the plight of copra and rice farmers.

Fourth, the PACC (Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission) whom Sonza blamed for the failure of the Duterte government of sending corrupt government officials to jail because they are all just talk and publicity hungry.

And lastly, Sonza blames the people who surrounds the President whom he called “puro porma and yabang.”

Sonza remarked that there are still a few agencies and people that need some fixing.

You may read Jay Sonza’s original article below now.

Ang mga pasan na Krus sa balikat ni Pangulong Digong:

1. Duque – Bilyones na halaga ng gamot pinabayaang masira lang. Bilyones na pondo ng PhilHealth hinayaang makurakot.

2. Dulay – Bilyones na bayaring buwis ng mga dambuhalang kumpanya inayos para kakapiranggot na lang ang bayaran sa gobyerno.

3. Dar – Pinabayaang maglimahid, magutom at maghirap ang mga magtatanim ng Palay at Niyog at mga magbubukid at mamamalakaya.

4. PACC – puro porma, papogi, pa-epal at press conference, kaya pumapalpak ang Anti-Corruption campaign ng Pangulo.

5. Mga natutulog sa pansitan na nakapaligid sa presidente na puro porma at yabang lang ang Alam.

Iyan ang dahilan kung kaya hanggang 91% lang ang trust rating ng presidente. May mga opisina at tao pang dapat iayos ang hulog.

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Source: Jay Sonza

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