A controversial video surfaces online showing Grace Poe’s noisy crowd at UP was choreographed!

A video will purportedly show that Senator Grace Poe’s popularity in the surveys and in campaign sorties is not really what it seems, has been doing the rounds online.

The first video is the actual footage taken during Senator Grace Poe’s announcement of her Presidential bid and by watching the video, you can say that the announcement of her presidential bid was well-received by the crowd.

Let me direct your attention to the short video below during Senator Grace Poe’s announcement of her Presidential bid in “Bahay ng Alumni” at the University of the Philippines.

But turned out, it is not what it seems because in reality, the entire event was well-rehearsed minutes before the arrival of the good senator.

This is not surprising because this looks good on television and gives people a better impression on the candidate.

Netizens commented that this is normal and candidates have been doing this for ages. The only difference is, Grace Poe was caught on video while her rivals aren’t.

The second video is allegedly the proof that the camp of Senator Grace Poe choreographed or rehearsed their campaign programs to make it look like that indeed her candidacy was borne out of the people’s clamor for her to run for the Presidency.

So when the video footage is shown on TV, it really looks impressive judging by the boisterous crowd.

In the second video, you can see that someone from Grace Poe’s camp stood up from the crowd as the director in the rehearsal.

Not surprising though why her camp wanted a rehearsed crowd since her stepdad, the late FPJ is the King of Filipino movies. The good senator must have picked up a lesson or two from her stepdad since he was a good director.

In addition, the good senator is surrounded by people from the movie industry like Tito Sotto, her stepmom Susan Roces among others so her camp is not lacking of supporters with knowledge in creating a make-believe world.

Meanwhile, Mocha Uson Blog also published a similar video recently and as of Monday afternoon, the video has been viewed more than 134 thousand times and shared more than 2,000 times.

May rehearsal pala ang campaign.

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Sunday, March 13, 2016

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