A mother shares professor’s unforgettable lesson (which served her well) to young students today in light of news some of them joining leftist groups

Alarmed by the news reports of young students leaving their families to join leftist groups, netizen Lao Janice (Janice Lao) has taken to Facebook to share an important lesson her professor told ’em many years ago.

Janice remarked that as a parent, it pained her so much thinking about the mothers whose children were taken away from them by leftist recruiters using deception.

Janice it is deception because these children were painted a scenario that does not exist and were brainwashed with a solution that is not effective.

Janice remarked that communism is a dead ideology because there is no country where that ideology succeeded in curing the ills of society. It will simply never work because people always yearn for freedom.

Janice stated that if we want to change our society, teaching them to love more and hate less is a good start.

Janice compared the leftists recruiters to our exes who will do and say anything to win you back. But once they get what they want, they will leave us in tears.

You may start reading Lao Janice full FB post below.

A professor once told our class, “Don’t join the rallies. Your duty is to finish your studies because your parents work hard to send you to school. When you are done with your studies, you can be whoever you want to be and help bring change to society.

I already forgot his name, but that lesson I never forgot. I was reminded with what my professor told me after reading news articles about those young students who left families to join leftist groups.

I am a parent myself, so my heart weeps with those mothers whose children are taken away from them. Yes, they were taken away because they were deceived by those leftist recruiters. They were painted a scenario that does not exist and were brainwashed with a solution that is not effective.

Communism is a dead ideology. It does not work. There is no country where that ideology succeeded in curing the woes of society. It will never work because people will always yearn for democracy — for freedom.

If we want to change our society and make it better for the future generation, let’s teach our children to love more and hate less.

Communism is an ideology of hate. Look at its means — murder and destruction. The end will never justify the means. If you are told otherwise, you are misled.

We need to teach our children to love more. Because love will overcome difficulties. It will look for solutions that will benefit all. It will not kill, but nurture. It will not destroy, but rebuild. It will not leave mothers crying.

Kids, nobody will care for you more than your mothers. Those organizations that took you away from them will leave you once you no longer serve their purpose. They will leave you hungry and wanting. They will enslave you with their oppressive ideology. They will rob you of your future. The very one that they told you that you deserve.

These leftists are like your ex. They will move earth and sky just to win you over. Once they are done with you, they will leave you crying. And to whom will you run to when this happens? To your mother.

We all dream of a better society and a better life. Joining the armed struggle is not the way to go.

Go back to your mothers. Finish your studies. Become social workers and help the needy. Become lawyers and defend the oppressed. Become doctors and heal the sick. Become teachers and mold minds. Become whoever you want to be and be the change.

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