A Pinay plain housewife wowed the X Factor judges and moved on to the next round in style!

Neneth Lyons

The judges gave her a standing ovation after her performance.

Neneth Lyons, a 36 years old housewife from Balubad Nangka Marikina City Philippines aced the X Factor UK 2015 audition and DID it in style.

The unassuming Pinay was feeling the nerves when Nick Grimshaw, one of the judges of the said competition, asked her what she will be singing and why. Neneth, nervously replied, ‘I’m gonna be singing “Somewhere” by Barbara Streisand because my father loved it and it sounds good.’

But as soon as she started hitting the high notes, the crowd can be heard applauding the Pinay aspirant as she came out ‘alive’ on stage. The judges can be seen grinning from ear to ear as if they just discovered the talent that will lay the golden eggs so to speak.

Simon Cowell has always been known as the judge who is difficult to please and have shown in the past, until the present to be harsh on the contestants, but this time Simon was all smiles as if he just found another talent to manage and make tons of money with.

As the Pinay aspirant belted the final line of the song, the whole venue was up in their feet, cheering and clapping for her powerful performance. Neneth was so overwhelmed with the response of the crowd that she was unable to hold back tears, tears of joy so to speak.

In the end, the three judges gave her a standing ovation and Simon Cowell, at the last second. They joined the crowd in applauding the Pinay aspirant. Neneth Lyons got four yeses from the judges.

Neneth Lyons worked as a singer in China in hotels and lounges for several years before settling down with her British husband. She has a lovely daughter that she said is everything to her and the family.

She said she always wanted to be a recording even she was just a little girl. His father told her that she started singing when she was still three years old.

Check out the comments on Twitter from the netizens who were able to witness her awesome performance at the X factor UK 2015:

Fans took to twitter to tweet their approval of Neneth Lyons performance in the audition.

Fans took to twitter to praised Neneth Lyons performance in the audition.

Watch her performance below:

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