A smirking Jim Paredes mocks ‘CHANGE’ Duterte has promised in video: “Change has come! BARYA NGA LANG”

Another viral video circulates online showing Jim Paredes making a mockery of the ‘CHANGE’ promise by Duterte in the election campaign.

The video was posted in several anti-Duterte pages on Facebook, including ‘Silent No More’, one of the most rabid anti-Duterte pages to date.

Check out the transcript of Jim’s brief statement in viral video.

Well, they promised change. Small change has come, barya! They over promised. I don’t think they can deliver one-tenth of what they promised. We’re already in seventh month, his got the senate and the congress behind him, what has happened? NOTHING! Seven thousand deaths, that’s what has happened!

Surprisingly, Jim was bashed by Duterte supporters in a page considered as his home turf.

Glad Raul castigated Jim Paredes in the comment’s section: “Are you nuts #JimParedes? Not even one cent? How about those drug rehabs? How about better housing for Yolanda victims? How about better transit system at NAIA? How about additional money for the poor and free medicines? Obviously you don’t even try to go out and see for yourself the changes even in Manila to start with. You can start at the International Airport. After we refused to lay over NAIA for 10yrs due to a bad experience there and tanim bala corruption instigated by some corrupt airport personnel, we finally used it for layover last year, and boy were we impressed! No more tanim bala scam, no more staff there haggling you for pasalubong or people to pressure you to carry your bag for money, staff were professional, immigration was faster, we felt safer, the airport was clean, and no more terminal fee. We went to Cebu, Negros and Mindanao and we definitely saw changes there, from the places more clean and areas were pointed to us by people there that used to be havens for drug dealings addicts alike (in Dumaguete) are no longer that way. The crime rate went down, people felt safer, and the poor felt their President this time is genuinely compassionate towards their plight. So yes, you #BiasedJimParedes is a #BlindFollower of the #CorruptLiberalParty. There are many many more bigger improvements since the inauguration of #PresidentDuterte but I seriously doubt that you would even bother to research or read about it since you’ve decided already what you only want to believe.”

Apple Holder joined the bash party: “Dear #JimParedes
I just have a one question for you.. what have you done for our country that made filipinos lives better????”

Josie Quimbo Chuy commented to disagree with Jim: “Yes change is come … mabibilanggo na si delima susunod na ang mga dilawan . Napakalaking pagbabago ang nangyayari pero di nyo napapansin dahil puna kayo ng puna . Ikaw ano ba ang nagawa mo sa bansa natin kahihiyan . Baka high lang kayo . Tumatanda kang paurong jim …”

Video below.

Dear Fellow Filipinos,

"Change has come!

– Jim Paredes


Posted by Silent No More on Saturday, February 25, 2017

As of this writing, the video has gathered 162,000 views, 1,662 shares, 4,278 reactions and 4,266 comments.

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