A video showing an angry pro-Duterte motorist shouting at anti-Duterte rallyists in Mendiola while stuck in traffic goes viral online

A video showing an angry pro-Duterte motorist shouting at anti-Duterte rallyists in Mendiola while stuck in traffic goes viral online.

CNN Philippines reporter David Santos captured the intense moment on video while covering the rally of cause-oriented groups in Mendiola.

Santos sought the reaction of the motorist on the anti-Duterte rally in Mendiola while the latter was shouting, “Duterte! Duterte, Duterte” with a raised fist as his car slowed down due to the heavy traffic caused by the rally.

“Sir, your reaction sa mga ginagawa ng mga rallyista sa rally na nato?”

The motorist said: Mga ano yan, mga estorbo sa daan. Tingnan mo puro mga bayaran yan. Mga hakot yan. May mga bata ba naman nakakaintindi nyan?

The motorist again raised his fist while shouting Duterte, Duterte.

He said that those who are against Duterte are addicts (drug addicts).

“Mga dati pa kayong supporter ni Duterte?”, Santos asked.

The motorist responded: “Yeah, I am a supporter. I spend my time, my car, my resources, my money and I’m for Duterte. He is the only, the chance for our country to move forward.”

A curious Santos asked if he was off to somewhere. The motorist replied in the affirmative.

“Yeah, I am going to pick my daughter and son in school.”

Santos asked if the street protest is a big inconvenience to motorists in particular and the country in general.

The motorist answered with a big yes. “Yeah, yeah this is not good for the country.”

Before the video ended, Santos reminded the motorist that there are pro-Duterte rallies happening, simultaneous with the anti-Duterte rallies.

The motorist acknowledged it and said he was on the way to the rally to show his support for Duterte.

By the way, the motorist turned to be an engineer and former OFW and his name is Engr. Ric Manalansan from Pampanga.

The motorist and his intense confrontation with the rallyists has earned him praises online from netizens.

In the Facebook page named Crabbler, wherein the same video was uploaded, netizens has been receiving positive reactions and praises from fellow Duterte supporters.

Claire Ruiz remarked: “Yan ang kusa at tunay na supporter. Hindi bayaran at nabibili ang pagkatao. Mabuhay kayo engineer! Halatang hindi patay-gutom. Yong ibang tauhan ni reyes sa rally parang di naliligo ng sampung taon.”

Joanne Faith Narte commented: “Hahahaha sampal sa mga nagrally ung cnab ni sir. Totoo nman kacng bayaran yang mga yan. Ung kaklase ko dati papasok na, hinarang xa ng isa sa nagrarally. Cnabhan xa na sumali. may bayad daw. kalokohan.. mas ok kung magtrabaho na lng cla ng matiwasay. At least ung pagod at pagbubunganga nila nagagamit nila sa tama. Lol “

Archie G. Herrera wrote: “Galing mo, sir! I share your sentiments.. Solid Duterte kahit absent tayo sa mga rally, we give our part by continuing to work on our daily routine as a sign of support to Tatay Digong’s administration.. No yellow scums dressed in white can break this truth “

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