Aba! Kayo kayo lang po pala ang pinagpala…—Netizen to Leni Robredo decrying bullying of daughters

Lately, VP Leni Robredo went on media offensive, complaining that her daughters were bullied by netizens on Twitter.

ICYMI, Leni’s daughters has been on spotlight after Malacanang Spokesman Harry Roque mentioned during his daily presser that President Duterte was fuming over the tweets of Robredo’s daughters who were throwing insults, making jokes about the President not waking early because it’s a Saturday.

Robredo’s vigorous defense of her daughters, even accusing on ordinary netizens of bullying her daughters has elicited mixed reactions on Facebook.

Netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes, a staunch defender of the President on social media, took to Facebook to respond to Robredo’s allegation.

In case you didn’t know, Quiambao was one of the netizens who directly replied to the tweet of the daughters of Robredo to debunk the insinuation Duterte admin was sleeping on his job.

Moving forward, Reyes opened by begging for explanation how an ordinary netizen like her, can bully Robredo, the VP and her daughters whom Leni described as very outspoken?

“How the hell can ordinary citizens bully the second highest official & her very outspoken, “accomplished” daughters?”

Reyes wondered if Leni Robredo even know the meaning of BULLYING?

“Don’t you even know that BULLYING means intimidating, coercing, hurting, or frightening someone smaller or less powerful?”

Reyes took a swipe at Robredo and her camp, calling them short of being crybabies.

“So, pag kampo nyo pala ang tumira at pag Pangulo ang sinisira, “outspoken” lang! Pero pag mga pro-admin rumesbak sa mga kabobohan ng mga kontra, bullying na!”

Reyes ended the brief FB post by calling Robredo and her ilks as the blessed ones.

“Aba! Kayo kayo lang po pala ang pinagpala na pwedeng magsalita, kumontra, magpatama, mang-insulto sa ngalan ng demokrasya.”


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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