Absurd — Ex-DILG Secretary’s retort to Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s “Gamot ba ang anti-terror bill sa covid-19?” remark


This is how former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III described Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s critical remark versus the anti-terrorism bill certified urgent by the Duterte administration.

To give you the context of Pangilinan’s remark that elicited such unflattering adjective from a former high ranking government official, you may check the meme below for your reference.

Moving forward, Alunan wondered what will Pangilinan say if a vicious terrorist group, known for extreme violence hold him hostage?

If he’s taken hostage by a vicious extremist group with a reputation for carnage without remorse, I wonder what he would tell them. Stay home, keep safe, wash your hands and use a face mask?

Alunan went on to ask Pangilinan’s opinion if in the future, covid-19 turned out to be a bio-warfare?

On the other hand, what if it turns out later on that Covid-19 was actually a case of bio-warfare, of bio-terror? Or future man-made pandemics?

And lastly, Alunan raised another valid concern to Pangilinan preventing prevent groups planning cyberattacks or nuclear terror against the country or other nations?

How can we prevent groups planning cyberattacks or nuclear terror on our soil, either targeting us or other nations?

Alunan wrapped up his argument by stating that the anti-terrorism law is a must for the country in light of the foreseeable threats to safeguard the Filipino people.

Better a law with preventive provisions to ensure public safety and human security, than none at all. Basic.

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Source: Rafael Alunan III

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