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Acclaimed poet-writer tells DepEd to focus on Pinoy kids who can’t read not ROTC, lawyer boos writer, says it’s him who needs re-education

Acclaimed poet-writer Jerry B. Gracio slammed DepEd whom he accused of being busy pushing for the reintroduction of ROTC while having a nonchalant attitude towards a recent study showing 91% of 9-10 year old Pinoys are unable to read.

Gracio said that instead of getting pre-occupied with ROTC, DepEd should have reading camps and massive literacy program to address the problem.

Jerry Gracio’s criticism against DepEd did not go unanswered from pro-admin influencers like Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the Luminous.

In a viral FB post, Atty. Ahmed’s message to Gerry Gracio is simple – if there is anyone who needs re-education, it is him. He urged the acclaimed poet-writer Gracio to read the report again and his statement. And finally, get back to Atty. Ahmed to report to him that he really understands what he read.

Atty. Ahmed remarked that to complain and criticize is very easy. Is it difficult to find intelligent people from their ranks? Atty. Ahmed asked. He thought Gerry was ok but after this Leni-like line of thinking, he quickly changed his mind.

AS of this writing, Atty. Ahmed’s FB post has generated 6,870 reactions, 1,100 comments and 123 shares in just 11 hours and counting.

Gerry Garcio’s criticism on DepEd for prioritizing ROTC while seemingly unruffled with the 91% report of 9-10 year old Pinoy kids who can’t read elicited negative comments from netizens.

“Basa basa pag may time, para Di Ka mukhang engot!” commented one netizen.

This netizen doubted Gerry is a legit writer since she has never read his name in any published materials. She also slammed Gerry for criticizing like he knows everything. Are 9-10 year Pinoy kids required to have ROTC? She asked.

Writer ba yan, never heard ang name nya in any where books, newspaper etc..kung mka puna wagas n wagas, may 9-10yrs old ba n may ROTC..??? LUTANG K din katulad ni Mrs.HARVARD much??

This netizen urged critics in particular and the parents in general to refrain from expecting the teachers to do everything but instead to do their end of the bargain in addressing the reading problems of the school kids.

Huwag din iasa lahat sa teachers mga fifty heads ang nasa isang room isang teacher ang nagtuturo ..malaki din ang role ng mga magulang, ate, kuya etc sa pamilya para magturo sa mga kapatid etc. Huwag panay Facebook chismiss etc ang gawin. Ang pakialaman ay sariling pamilya Huwag kapitbahay maglaan ng oras na umupo sa mga anak at turuan.

Gerry, pati ikaw need ng re-education. Paki basa ulit ang report and yung sinabi mo please. Then sabihin mo kung naiintindihan mo talaga siya?

Madaling mag reklamo at pumuna. Mahirap ang magging matalino sa hanay nila? Ok na sana eh. Lume-Leni din pala.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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