According to Leni Robredo, it’s important for leaders should to be visible during calamities. Twitter reacts!

On Twitter and in other social media platforms, ABS-CBN shared a photo of VP Leni Robredo visiting an area to do an ocular inspection after a devastating typhoon.

Of course, a photo of Leni Robredo walking in the ruins in the wake of the typhoon as backdrop is even more melodramatic if accompanied by a self-serving reminder from Robredo why leaders should be on the ground after a disaster.

ABS-CBN’s tweet has been met with cynicism from Twitter netizens who replied by criticizing Robredo’s opportunism to gain media mileage.

On the other hand, the supporters of Leni Robredo were all praises for the Vice President.

Meanwhile, one netizen called out ABS-CBN for recycling an old photo of Robredo not the current one.


Source: Twitter

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