Actor Bernardo to critics: “Get over your Disente Diplomacy Advocacy. Let Digong speak his truth.”

He’s so crass and crude. What are we supposed to teach our children?

Sounds familiar? My guess is that one way or the other, you’ve heard or encounter the familiar line above either offline or online.

Actor Bernardo Bernardo has a word of advice to Duterte critics who wants to see a refined and role model President.

Check out the full text of his post below.

ULTIMATE MOMMY REACTION TO PREZ DIGONG: “He’s so crass and crude. What are we supposed to teach our children?”

THAT, MADER, IS YOUR BUSINESS. His business is to do his job–with your help– to dig this country from the hellhole that the Oligarchs and the Corrupt Leaders relegated it to.

Please stop obsessing on the cosmetic aspects of running a government. Running the country is not a Beauty Pageant where you have to be Best in Long Gown and Crown Worthy in the Q & A. Get over yourself and your Disente Diplomacy Advocacy. Let Prez Digong speak his truth. He’s apparently the only leader in recent memory with the balls to do it.

Netizen Agnes Sicam Caballa says:

The Prez is laying his cards on the table and telling it like it is. The trouble with diplomacy is you never call a spade a spade. Everything has to look and sound right.

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Source: Bernardo Bernardo


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