Actor Rodin Padilla dares ABS-CBN & GMA7 superstars, let us make our contracts public, urge ’em to work for interest of ordinary workers, not rich boss

Action star Robin Padilla has been mum on the ABS-CBN franchise renewal brouhaha until yesterday.

Padilla took to Facebook dared the superstars of ABS-CBN and GMA7 to show their contracts to the public and compare it with their co-workers who works with them during taping and shooting.

Padilla wanted transparency with regards to the perks and privileges enjoyed by the superstars of the showbiz industry versus the ordinary workers whom the superstars are supposedly fighting for, those who will their lose jobs in the event ABS-CBN shuts down.

Padilla urged the superstars colleagues who wants to right the wrong to start by talking about the appropriate salary, benefits and correct working hours of their ordinary co-workers in tapoins and shooting before we take the cudgels for the right of the company.

According to him, it is about time they put first the welfare of their co-workers whom they work with everyday in location tapings and shooting and stop protecting only the regular employees. How about the non-regulars, Padilla asked?

Padilla also mentioned the workers in the tent and portalets that works for them for months and even years; he inquired if the superstars bothered to ask if they were subcontracts of the regular employees of ABS-CBN? If they get paid for working overtime? How many laborer and subcontract of the regular employees of ABS-CBN? Who are they? If the crews and superstars eat the same foods? Are the food of ordinary workers nutritious?

Padilla urged the superstars to also fight for the agreement of DOLE and FDCP of their respective networks, if they can do that for the people who who toiled for them – rain or shine and worked for long hours or not, then they can fight for the rights of the multi-billion company.

“Gusto niyo pala itama ang mali abay umpisahan natin sa una pag usapan muna natin ang tamang sueldo benepisyo at tamang oras ng trabaho ng mga kasama natin sa taping at shooting bago niyo ipaglaban ang karapatan ng kumpanya unahin niyo yun tao ng kumpanya na kasama niyo sa bawat araw sa location at wag niyo proteksyonan lang ang regular employees paano yun mga hindi regular? yun mga tao sa tent niyo at portalet buwan hanggang taon yan na kasama ninyo depende sa haba ng show niyo natanong niyo man lang ba kung sub contract ba sila ng regular employee ng abscbn at kung may overtime pay ba sila? Ilan ang laborer at sub contract ng regular employees ng abscbn? Sino sino? Yun pagkain parehas ba kayo ng kinakain ng mga crew? Tama ba sa sustansya? Ipaglaban ninyo ang agreement ng DOLE at ng FDCP sa mga network nyo at kapag nakuha niyo yun para sa mga taong nagpapakahirap talaga na kasama ninyo kahit umulan o umaraw magpuyatan man o hindi tsaka niyo ipaglaban ang sinasabi ninyong karapatan ng isang multi billion na kumpanya.”

Padilla made it clear that he is not against the ABS-CBN franchise renewal but they have to be realistic. According to him, this could be their chance to be the instrument to change how things are run in the entertainment industry, to make themselves the instrument of the ordinary workers in the industry who made them what they are now before serving the interest of the rich. “I am not against abscbn franchise but we have to be real this is the only chance na kayo ang maging daan para mabago ang takbo ng working state nating lahat sa entertainment industry magpagamit muna kayo sa mahihirap sa mga taong nagdala sa inyo sa kasikatan bago sa mga mayayaman.

Padilla also urged the parties to include agreement of Chairwoman Liza Dino and Secretary Bello in their mission and mission. “I am for abscbn renewal pero include the agreement of Chairwoman Liza DIƱo and Secretary Silvestre Bello in there mission and vision una muna tayong magserbisyo sa mga tao natin sa loob natin! sa bakuran natin! bago tayo mangapitbahay.”

Padilla said he is ready anytime, anywhere to make their contracts public. He urged fellow artists to do this, give the public what they need to know, since they are already very melodramatic, why not turn the whole thing into a teleserye, make as many revelations with the regards to the issue, which Congress and the courts have the rights to discuss. “Anytime ako anywhere ilabas natin mga contract natin let us compare our salaries to our kapamilya co workers at isama niyo na mga kapuso at mga kapatid. Magpalabasan na tayo para makita ng publiko let us give it to them tutal napakadrama ninyo gawin na nating teleserye punuin natin ng revelations ang isyu na ito na dapat pinag uusapan sa korte at congress.

Padilla ended the FB post with a thought-provoking message, designed to make his colleagues in the showbiz industry think hard. “Hindi lahat sa mundo ay Showbiz at Politics one way or the other the revolution of the people has to be realized!

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Source: Robin Padilla

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