Actor/Director Manny Castaneda expresses disbelief upon news of Rappler as Facebook’s fact-checker in viral post

The anointment of Rappler and Vera Files as fact-checkers or Facebook’s fake news guard keepers have further divided the internet.

While critics of Duterte welcome the news for obvious reasons, some pro-Duterte social media bloggers think the world is about to collapse on them.

Paula Defensor Knack, one of the major social media bloggers of President Duterte, was alarmed by the news that she even announced shutting down her Facebook page and migrate to the Russian Facebook VK.COM. She also urged her followers to do the same.

However, Knack later soften her stance by not making good of her threat of closing down one’s Facebook page.

Knack did open an account at VK.COM, pulling a thousand of her Facebook followers to the so-called Russian Facebook in a matter of days. [Link here]

While Paula Knack was a picture of panic amid the Rappler announcement as fact-checker, actor-director Manny Castaneda refused to be silenced.

Instead, he took to Facebook questioning Facebook’s wisdom of granting Rappler such awesome power as policeman of fake news when in fact, Rappler has been caught on several occasions peddling fake news.

Castaneda cited the Resorts World attack in Pasay wherein Rappler wrongly attributed the attack to ISIS, which later turned out to be false.

Check out Manny Castaneda’s post below.

In June 2017, Resorts World was attacked by a sole gunman and immediately, Rappler made very strong implications that it was a terrorist attack even if the PNP already stated earlier that it was not so. This irresponsible news report by Rappler caused fear and undue stress on the people.

As it turned out, PNP was correct. It was an attack made by a heavily indebted gambler and not by a terrorist.

Undoubtedly, the news released by Rappler was very deceiving and fake.

Now, they have been tasked to fact-check for Facebook?
Really now.

Castaneda’s post though did not make some people happy.

Nadine Umali writes: “Good lord. At least be intellectually honest. ISIS took responsibility. If you’re claiming that Rappler made “strong implications” that it was a terrorist attack, then that’s perhaps because there was cause to do so. It wasn’t a conclusion Rappler made. They were simply reporting information as it came in. That’s very different from making something up and presenting it as truth.”

Manuel Castaneda calmly responds to Nadine Umali’s tirade. “ISIS made the claim AFTER Rappler implied that it was a terrorist attack.”

Netizen Daniel Castillano echoes Castaneda’s sentiment. “ABSCBN, GMA, TV5 didnt report nor insinuated that ISIS was the perpetrator. Lo and behold only RAPPLER did!”

Netizen Derf C Ademol takes a swipe at Rappler: “Honest or damn stupid to believe anything without validating. Where is objectivity and professionalism?”

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