Actress lambasts Roxas for asking dumb question: “Sinong nagfinance sa Kidapawan protesters?”

A post lambasting the LP administration bet for asking a dumb question in the aftermath of the Kidapawan carnage has been doing the rounds online.

Liza Dino Seguerra open letter for Mar Roxas

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In a Facebook post shared more than 2,100 times as of Thursday evening, Liza Dino-Seguerra wrote the harshest criticism against Mar Roxas for asking a question the actress deemed irrelevant and out of touch with realities on the ground.

Sinong nagfinance sa Kidapawan protesters? (Who financed the Kidapawan protesters?)

Like What I’ve said….and I’m saying it again—his ARROGANCE and NARCISSISM will be his own demise.

Grabe, Sinong NAG-IISIP na tao ang magtatanong nito??? Are you this self-absorbed sa mundong ginagalawan mo at hindi mo makita ang karahasang naganap sa engkwentro? (Wow. Who the heck in his right mind would have thought to ask a question such as this? Are you this self-absorbed in the world you are living in that you failed to see the atrocities committed in the encounter?)

Ganyan ka kadense?Grabe!!!😡 (Are you that stupid/dense? Aweful!!!)

That’s all you can say? Bakit? (Why?)

Pag napatunayan mong may nagfinance sa mga nagprotesta at nagpagamit sila, will it justify the action that was taken by the Police? Kung may nagfinance sa kanila, magiging ok lang na PAULANAN sila ng bala? Kasi…. “May nagfinance” sa kanila. (If indeed it has been established that someone financed the protesters and they willingly allow themselves to be used as pawns, will it justify the action taken by the police? If indeed a financier does exist, is it alright to rain bullets on the protesters? Because someone financed them.)

We have 6,000 farmers and lumads with their families including WOMEN AND CHILDREN. These are civilians, UNARMED, who are begging to be heard and be recognized.

The issue kung may nagfinance or wala is irrelevant. The issue kung may kahalong leftists at communists ay irrelevant. Wala silang armas kungdi placards, megaphones at and mga hinaing nila para mabigyan ng bigas at assistance. They were all CIVILIANS. Been there for days…IN PEACE. (The issue if someone financed or not is irrelevant. The issue if the leftists and communists joined the protest is irrelevant. They did not carry any firearms but placards, megaphones and their complaints so they could receive rice and assistance. They were all CIVILIANS. Been there for days…IN PEACE.

Until the POLICE violently dispersed them.

At this juncture, the actress gave the policemen a refresher on police protocols relative to handling crowd protest.

According to the PUBLIC ASSEMBLY ACT OF 1985

(b) The members of the law enforcement contingent shall not carry any kind of firearms but may be equipped with baton or riot sticks, shields, crash helmets with visor, gas masks, boots or ankle high shoes with shin guards;
(c) Tear gas, smoke grenades, water cannons, or any similar anti-riot device shall not be used unless the public assembly is attended by actual violence or serious threats of violence, or deliberate destruction of property.

Sec. 12. Dispersal of public assembly without permit. — When the public assembly is held without a permit where a permit is required, the said public assembly may be PEACEFULLY dispersed.

Sec. 13. Prohibited acts. — The following shall constitute violations of this Act:
(e) The unnecessary firing of firearms by a member of any law enforcement agency or any person to disperse the public assembly;

Pero anong nangyari? Anong nakita nating lahat? (But what happened? What did the Filipinos witnessed?


This is the very core of the issue kaya umabot ang lahat sa trahedya at pagkamatay ng ating mga magsasaka. Kaya sila nambato, kaya nagkaroon ng riot, kaya nagkasakitan, kaya may mga NAMATAY! (That is the very core of the issue hence the event turned into a tragedy, killing the farmers. That is why the farmers started throwing stones, that is why a riot occurred, that is why an unnecessary violence occurred and killing of farmers.)

I’m sorry but it is because of the police’s incompetence at kung sinumang opisyal ang nagbigay ng directive sa PNP na magdala ng mga armas that caused this “CLASH” TO LEAD INTO A MASSACRE. (I’m sorry but it is because of police incompetence and whoever is the official who ordered the PNP directive to bring firearms that caused this “CLASH” TO LEAD INTO A MASSACRE.)

But have we heard any SINCERE admittance from your end? Is the administration taking responsibility for this? NO!

Binigyan nyo pa sila ng MEDALYA! Wow. Hanep talagaaaaaaaaaa…(slow clap!) (You even awarded them medals. Wow. You’re awesome!)

Mar Roxas, Kaawa-awa ang Pilipinas lalo na ang mga mahihirap pag ikaw ang naging presidente. (Mar Roxas, the Philippines is pitiful, especially the poor should you become the President.)

How can you be this detached from REALITY?

Like What I've said….and I'm saying it again—his ARROGANCE and NARCISSISM will be his own demise. Grabe, Sinong…

Posted by Liza Diño-Seguerra on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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