Actress Arci Munoz on military reservist training: “I’m very proud of myself for finishing such a great feat.”

While the likes of Liza Soberano and Angel Locsin prefers to use their popularity to promote social issues like women empowerment and children’s rights, there are celebrities who wants to use their influence to inspire people to join the service.

Take for example Kapamilya actress Arci Munoz who quietly enlisted in the Air Force Reservist Corp without fanfare during the height of the pandemic and then proudly announced her accomplishment as soon as she graduated the course.

Yesterday, Munoz took to Facebook to announce her feat.

“I made it! I just want to say I’m very proud of myself for finishing such a great feat.”

The Kapamilya actress described what she went through and the things she did she didn’t know she would and could.

“Training with the military was really tough especially with a pandemic looming. I did things I didn’t know I would (and could).”

The Kapamilya actress, with a sense of pride in her voice, remarked that feat wasn’t done overnight. She quickly clarified that the training she went through cannot be compared to her colleagues and she has great admiration for them.

“Getting here hasn’t been traversed overnight; although what I went through is nothing compared to my colleagues—I feel great admiration for them. I also found myself humbled and it made me gain a renewed self respect.”

At this juncture, Munoz revealed why she joined the reservist training, not because she craved to unleash her “violent” side but to be an inspiration to promote a sense of brotherhood, which she believed is the key to peace.

“That being said, I hope that I’ll never have to use what I learned for violence instead be an inspiration for many to have a sense of comradeship so we can all live in peace.”

Munoz ended the FB post by promising to continue to serve in the best interests of the country.

“I will forever cherish and hold on to the learnings and core values that this institution instilled. I will remain a snappy composure and continue to serve in the best interests of my nation.”

Munoz doing leg raises with co-trainees while lying in the muddy ground.

You may visit the link below to view more of her memorable photos.

Sincerely yours Sergeant Ramona Cecilia Datuin Munoz


Arci Munoz accomplishment has earned her praises from netizens. But some couldn’t help compare Arci Munoz joining the military as a reservist to Angel Locsin and other local celebs who aligned with groups who promotes progressive causes.

One netizen commented that she should be emulated by her colleagues in the showbiz industry, willing to offer one’s life for the country.

“I really salute you Ms. arci Munoz for your love and dedication to our country🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 dapat tularan ka ng mga kasamahan mo sa industriya ng showbiz handang mag alay ng buhay sa ating bansa🇵🇭

Another netizen cannot help but throw shade at Angel Locsin.

“Arci munoz vs angel locsin no… Siempre sa sundalo ako😂

This netizen also went along the line of thoughts of the above commenter.

“Wow congrats iba dyan instead mag join sa military contrahin pa ang pamahalaan at patayin ang mga sundalo na kung may lulusob sa bansa sino ang magtanggol.”


Source: Arci Munoz

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