After AFP confirmed “Duterte Oust Plan”, socmed blogger switches to beast mode: “Subukan ninyo. The Philippines will have a revolution”

After AFP spokesperson Maj. Gen. Restituto Padilla confirmed the persistent rumor of Duterte oust movement, the news elicited a strong response from a popular social media blogger.

In a Manila Bulletin article published yesterday, October 7, 2017, Padilla confirmed the rumor: “Yung pagpa-plano, meron po kaming nakikita na iba. At hindi lang naman po ‘yung oposisyon ang ano dito. Kaya ang binabantayan po talaga ng Armed Forces ay ‘yung mga armadong grupo (If we’re talking about plans, yes, we have monitored some groups planning the ouster. We’re not just talking about the opposition that’s why we’re really monitoring the armed groups).”

Krizette Laureta Chu, a vocal and articulate supporter of Pres. Duterte took to Facebook posting a warning to the group who are planning the Duterte oust movement.

Chu’s post read: “The non partisan AFP has confirmed that there is an OUST DUTERTE move by ARMED GROUPS. They can’t say if the Yellows are part of it.

Ang masasabi ko lang: Subukan ninyo. The Philippines will have a revolution.

Leni Robredo is the WORST person to become the President. I know more dignified and industrious Barangay kapitans than that joke occupying the second highest position in the land.


Netizen Ralph Mc Torres says: “Bring it on if u want so it will be easy for the president to declare martial law in the whole phil.”

Netizen Sheryl Anne Florence doubts the Yellows are not in the thick of the planning. “Ayaw lang nila sabihin that the yellows are part of the oust plot, intelligence tactic yan. #Duterteparin!”

Netizen Poms Yapching remarks the news report about a Duterte ouster plot makes her BP to rise. “Na-high blood ako! Subukan lang talaga nila! 😡😡😡😤😤😤”

Netizen Gonzalez Kimberly says this is not new. “That plot has been on the planning since the people started calling for him to run as president. I just hope the people will protect the country from self vested interest foreign and local terrorist. Because anyone who doesn’t care about the welfare of his country is a terrorist.”