After #LeniLeaks, here comes another scandal rocking the Yellow camp

Just a month ago or so, #LeniLeaks scandal was exposed by Duterte bloggers, leaving the opposition camp red-faced and reeling from the embarrassment.

Yesterday, another scandal rocked the Liberal party after a netizen posted screen grabbed photos of the feud between their supporters involving money surfaced online.

Journalist Jojo Robles was the first to have brought up the feud between two Yellow supporters, one is the bagman, actually a woman, and the other is a social media troll who carry out attacks against Duterte who doubles as a foot soldier in LP-led rallies.

“The Yellows are now squabbling over money promised them for their rally. Story checks out. The Yellows in the thread also look legit (if a Yellow can be truly legit),” Robles wrote. “Hirap naman sa inyo, pinangakuan na nga kayo ng pera, gusto pa ninyo ibigay.”

Moving forward, trouble started when a dude hiding behind the handle Kenzo Jakosalem, demanded a certain Maanne Adorna to release the funds via the bank (food, water and producing rally materials) immediately so that they could attend the planned rally on Feb. 25.

Kenzo Jakosalem’s public post incensed Maanne Adorna and told Kenzo what he don’t want to hear. Check out the screengrab below.

After reading Maanne Adorna’s reply, Kenzo Jakosalem ranted and cursed the former on Facebook and his post gave the social media an idea the huge amount that changed hands between the paid social media trolls and their patron.

Red-faced Yellow supporters tried to intervene to contain the escalating feud but to no avail as the rift between important key players in the Liberal Party social media trolls has further deteriorated.

Another Yellow supporter asked the comments deleted, fearing Duterte supporters will make a mockery out of them once they find out.  Sorry for them, because their fears are now a reality after Juan Miguel M. Suarez III patiently screen grabbed the evidences.

Another netizen appears for sobriety but it appears too little too late.


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