After P1K budget for CHR, Manila Times columnist exclaims: Don’t expect Gascon to just give up his P200K salary easily

In case you’re wondering why Chito Gascon of CHR cried after learning Congress just gave him P1,000 budget for 2018, Bobbi Tiglao’s FB post can explain.

According to the former Presidential spokesman Rigoberto Tiglao, Gascon is making P2.5 million a year as CHR’s head. That means, he is making P200,000 a month.

Not convinced?

Read Tiglao’s FB post below.

Patay! If Congress reduces CHR budget to P1,000, how will Chito Gascon pay for his expenses and instalment plans since he just got used to having a lifestyle based on guess what his annual compensation is as CHR chair?

P2.5 million per year or about P200,000 monthly.

Don’t expect him to just give up that kind of salary, which he’ll be getting until 2022, when his term ends.

RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy also confirmed Gascon’s salary as CHR Chief by posting the meme below and captioned it: Hala, paano na ang sweldo ni CHR chair Chito Gascon?

Credits to Thinking Pinoy

Netizen Mark del Rosario remarked this explains Gascon’s crying in Congress. “So thats what he’s crying about. No more funding for his lifestyle. hahaha”

Romel B Villanueva couldn’t believe Gascon is making that much. “For real? Malaki pa sa Presidente ng Pilipinas?”

Ramil EC asked: “Was there ever ANY time that Gascon & Co. cried over the bodies of Shabu Victims or those killed by the NPA & other Terrorist Groups? O sa PERA lang Talaga?”

Cath Salcedo commented its high time to abolish CHR because it has been used as the milking cow of CHR heads. “It’s better to abolished the CRH Sir Bobi,kasi ginagawang gatasan lang ng mga nagdaang Chairman hanggang sa kasalukuyan at mga Empleyado nila. Diyan din yata yumaman si Etta Rosales.”

Ricardo Tegutyerezorro joked: “Starting tomorrow their new name will be – Kunsimisyon on Human Rights

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