After the Senator Imee Marcos zoom interview, Karen Davila took to Twitter preaching about being magnanimous in victory

After the Senator Imee Marcos zoom interview, Ms. Karen Davila took to Twitter preaching about resisting the temptation to gloat in victory and graciousness is a class act.

Doc Ethel Pineda, a radio host, staunch Duterte supporter and certified anti-Dilawan/Kakampink took to to Facebook and expressed her mind about Ms. Davila’s tweet and read:

She thinks she’s free to insult and disparage, but takes offense at gloating. Hahahaha. Entitled piece of *.

Netizens wasted no time and jumped in criticizing Ms. Karen Davila for crying victim when she was only given a dose of her medicine.

One netizen wrote that Senator Imee is just returning the favor.

Karen they’re just giving you back what you used to give them! What goes around comes around!

A second gave Ms. Davila a memo.

Memo to Karen: In defeat, learn to be humble and fulfill your promises…

A third recalled Ms. Davila berating Pacquiao for not having a college degree and now she has the nerve to say she despised gloating.

Like when she berated Pacquiao for not having a college degree. Paulit-ulit. But she despises gloating. Hambog.

A fourth snickered at Ms. Davila peaching about “class act” when she has none of it.

May “class act” pang nalalaman. She’s been caught with her foot in her mouth many times in the past. Back in 2018, she was one of those who kept complaining about the closure of Boracay. Pero nauna pa with selfie noong nag-reopen. Tapos itong migrate-migrate naman. Kaya di na ako nanonood ng ANC. I’d rather watch a Jollibee commercial on repeat.

A fifth defended Senator Imee for putting Ms. Davila in her place.

Well, Imee certainly put her in her place. Sana more to come para magbago siya

And the last but not the least, this netizen summed up Karen Davila’s attitude very aptly.

Hah! She can dish it but she cant take it! Merece!


Source: Ethel Pineda

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