AfterImage vocalist Wency Cornejo predicts Leni Robredo loses to BBM or any other candidate because of what she represents?

Wency Cornejo, former vocalist of Afterimage, son of Mel Tiangco and the voice behind popular Pinoy songs like Habang May Buhay, Next in Line and Mangarap Ka gave Dilawans an honest to goodness assessment of Leni Robredo’s chances in the 2022 polls versus BBM or any other candidate.

For the sake of argument, Cornejo agreed with the Dilawans assertion that Robredo possesses all the best qualities a leader can have but still she will not get the support of some sectors because of what she represents.

Supposed BBM is a bad person, Cornejo insisted Filipinos will still not accept Leni because she is Dilawan and no matter how bad the choices are, Filipinos will still choose the supposedly bad person because they are just fed up with the Dilawans brand of politics, ever.

Netizens seemed to share Wency Cornejo’s sentiment as shown in their comments below.

Wency, I salute your practicality and common sense and how you make it easy for us to understand the general situation. I mean you just put everything in words perfectly. Ito na nga ang general sentiment. And if we put a parallel to the Word, this is just a plot where in we need to put our own words into action. Let us just all let bygones be bygones. If there was really any fault in the past, the Lord will be the judge. But we are all called to apply what our Church is telling us all to do, (being the only Christian nation in Asia.) We have to stand united. We leave the past behind, we forge towards our brighter future, leaving no one behind. I mean yung totoong leaving no one behind talaga. The Lord establishes nations. If there was any truth that has been hidden in the past, it will always prevail. We do not play judge. But we all must move forward and build our nation.

Exact same words! Never again to the yellows! The real and legitimate dictators!

Exactly! Kahit anong repackaging or rebranding nila gawin from yellow to white to pink ganun parin, the yellow shadow still tailing Leni and her pips. No amount of recycling their tainted kind of politics and policies, mangangamoy DILAW parin, kakaumay na poooooooo!

Of course, not all netizens agree with Wency Cornejo and offered him an advice to go back to singing.

Di Naman Ng lahat idol. May knya knya talagang choices Ang mga Tao base sa nasaksihan, na experience, napag aralan, Yung iba nag matter sa napanood o nbasa Lang without dissecting the real facts. It’s not kabobohan Naman if people will choose Lugaw or Isko or any other candidates. May reasons sila. Mababaw man o malalim, choice natin Yun. Support Lang Sana sa mga candidates natin na walang halong foul words na ibabato. Di kc maiwasan Ang hate campaign s pero hinay lng siguro sa mga negative comments not unless we are really perfect and know everything. Politics and religions are topics that divide us.Sir Wency, gawa k b lng po Ng songs at Sana maging active uli Kayo as singer. You’re one of a kind Pinoy artist

You may read Wency Cornejo’s brief FB post below.

Sige, let’s suppose napaka bait, napaka husay, napaka talino at napaka honest ni Leni. She will still not get the support of some sectors because of what she represents. Simple lang naman eh. Kahit ipangalandakan na masama si BBM or any other candidate for that matter, ang ayaw ng mga tao ay ang pagiging dilaw ni Leni and no matter how bad the other options look, yung supposedly mas masama pa rin ang pipiliin dahil sukang suka na ang tao sa dilaw. As in…


Source: Wency Cornejo

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