After Aika Robredo tweeted this, “Kapag nawala ba ‘yung death certificate…” netizens ask, “Sa Harvard nag aaral yan si Aika dba?”

So Harvard grad Aika Robredo’s tweet to react what she has seen on her Facebook feed has stirred quite a buzz on social media.

Aika’s tweet has no address so to speak but apparently, Aika was reacting to criticism on Trillanes for his inability to show the documents proving the amnesty granted to him went through the legal process.

Aika’s tweet has been getting mixed reactions on Twitter. In fact, Aika’s tweet has so far generated 2.4K likes, 481 retweets and 377 replies.

However, the 2.4K likes look deceiving because the 377 replies has not all been favorable to Aika.

A good number of netizens on Twitter jeered and mocked Aika because of her tweet.

To understand Aika’s critics, please read the tweet below.

Netizen Eloi Sy @eloisy picked up where Aika left off and replied with a tweet using Aika’s logic.

Amused by Eloi Sy’s tweet, Aika tweeted back with “Hahahaha”.

But when the replies from netizens went south, Aika stopped engaging with netizens. Check out the samples below.

Netizen tom @Coramons took a swipe at Aika’s by raising the issue of election cheating involving “wet ballots” in her Mom’s bailiwick in Naga and other parts of Bicol.

Social media blogger Mark Lopez (OxyMORONic) joined in the conversation, hitting Aika’s mom with another election cheating related tweet.

Netizen DDS_LadySAFIRO_@75 @SapphireGir75 couldn’t help but ask if that was how a Harvard grad’s brain thinks? To her, it appears that good manners have abandoned Aika while studying there. She said instead of correcting a mistake, she insulted whoever Aika was

Meanwhile on Facebook, Sass Rogando Sasot, another pro-Duterte social media blogger, rubbed more salt on Aika’s tattered ego by teaching Leni’s daughter a thing or two about writing post on social media that are logical and sensible.

Aika, having a birth certificate is not a requirement for you to prove you’re alive. Your living presence is enough proof that you exist. But producing a written admission of guilt for the crime of coup d’etat is a requirement for Trillanes’ amnesty to be valid. You can’t simultaneously act to fake you’re alive and be actually dead because the former would require someone alive to do the acting. Meanwhile, you can have an amnesty certificate without fully complying with its requirements, just like you can win an election without actually being voted. Me love you long time! 👄 Link here.

Nicky Ceralvo Ganyan pala natutunan sa Harvard? A waste of money in my eyes.

Fernando Olarte Going to Harvard doesnt necessary mean you are super talino na.. ! Just like raising a good variety of chicken na it all begins selecting a good quality of eggs and incubate. At the time of hatching…. one or two will not be able to crack because it was rotten… MISMO… getz nyo?!!!😜🙄

Patricia Anne Legaspi Acuna Umeepal pa eh bobita dn nman pala! What can u expect from someone who eats her mom’s porridge aaallll the time

Pab Sands Having a brain doesn’t mean there’s something inside it!

Aika, some brains are full of air. And some with valuable information. It only shows you have the former. 😂

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