“Airing of Chinese TV shows on government-owned PTV4, a clear surrender of Duterte admin to China” — Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano

When the Duterte government announced that it will start airing Chinese TV shows on PTV4, senator wannabe Gary Alejano remarked such action is a CLEAR SURRENDER OF DUTERTE ADMIN TO CHINA.

Alejano saw the Chinese TV shows as a mind conditioning tool of the Chinese to make the “oppressed” Filipinos look at the Chinese oppressors a friend rather than a foe.

This is part of the soft power strategy of China, which seeks to influence and infiltrate Filipinos through economic, political, and now cultural tools. The latter is a matter of making us understand the oppressors and grabbers of our islands in a subtle and subliminal way. Ang pinakamasaklap ay ito ay ginagawa ng isang institusyon ng gobyerno at ginagastusan gamit ang kaban ng bayan.

As expected, Alejano’s statement has been the magnet for those who hates his antics to generate engagement.

Prof. Antonio Contreras of De La Salle Univeristy Taft wasted no time to shred Alejano’s argument into pieces.

Ano ba mangyayari pag ang Pinoy ay manonood ng Chinese cooking shows dubbed sa Filipino? Dadami na ang matututong magluto ng pansit? Dadami na ang kakain sa Chowking?

Hay Alejano!

The ever articulate lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles won’t buy Alejano’s line of argument.

Angeles argues that the Americans have been doing it since colonial times. In short, Filipinos are “tuta ng kano”.

That’s why we have cultural agencies whose job is to put emphasis on the Filipino perspective especially our heritage and arts. Overall, the aim is to strengthen the Filipino national identity.

Kaya tayo may cultural agencies na binibigyang pansin ang ating kasaysayan with emphasis on the Filipino perspective, binibigyang pansin ang ating heritage at sining. Lahat ito ay para palakasin at patuloy na ma-evolve ang national identity natin.

Angeles believes that the Filipinos sense of nationhood isn’t as fragile as Alejano thinks to be affected by a mere Chinese teleserye.

Hindi naman po yata ganun ka fragile ang sense of nationhood natin na maapektuhan tayo ng isang Chinese teleserye. And even if it is, at susundan natin ang line of thinking nyo… susunod ba na ipagbabawal nyo ang Chinese websites? Alibaba? Mag censor ba kayo ng library books na may reference sa mga Intsik?

Angeles asked Alejano if our archaelogical sites that show trade with the Chinese as early as 12th century will be destroyed too?

Yung archaeological sites natin that show trade with the Chinese as early as the 12th century (records in China purportedly show that it was earlier), sisirain ninyo?

Angeles remarked that Alejano can’t stop information which is exactly what he wants to do.

And this leading to the path of censorship, Angeles added.

Do you see where I’m going here? You can’t stop information. And what you are proposing Gary, is dangerously treading the path of censorship. Even if PTV didn’t show a series, there is so much literature available online. Also there is a cable channel Red TV devoted to Asian films (di mo alam yan, no?)

Are you going after them next?

Yes, I get it that you are opposed to government being the one showing the tv series. Er… in case you haven’t noticed, PTV does accept blocktimers and they can come from the private sector.

Angeles wraps up her post by telling Alejano that she clearly reads the Congressman intention and warns Alejano not to got there.

Marahil kokonti ang nakakakita ng pakay mo. Pero nakikita pa rin. Don’t go there, Congressman.

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